Will Infantine(Hour 3b) NH State Rep. Will Infantine had a rough week up in Concord.  He is in the crosshairs of liberal organizers and media outlets for alleged comments he made about Paycheck Fairness.

Infantine explained how his quoting of a government report have been morphed by Zandra Rice Hawkins of the Granite State Organizing Project, an organization he once supported.

The irresponsible media reports that followed have led to a litany of lude calls and e-mails.  “I did not say these things, I do not feel that way toward women and shame on any of you that think I do!”

As if the political hit job and media misrepresentations weren’t enough, Infantine had to deal with the wrath of Rich for his vote to increase the State Gas Tax.  Say it ain’t so, Will!

Also, the retirement of House Speaker Terri Norelli and expanded gambling.  Is the gaming issue finally dead in NH or is there renewed life?

Granite State Progress proves themselves to be liars with their own video

Here’s the US Department of Labor report Infantine read from on the House floor.

04-25-2014 Hour 3b