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  • Parent pens letter to refuse state assessments – UPDATED

    Dear fellow parents of Smyth Road School, This correspondence is given with full appreciation for the devotion, time and talent our educators provide for our children. I implore you,

  • Al needs bail to get out of MDA Jail!

    Dear Friend: I’M BEING ARRESTED! I recently accepted the challenge of being a Jailbird in 2015 Londonderry/Derry Lock-Up benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. of NH. I’ll be raising money to help in the fight against muscle disease in our community.

  • The NH Dept. of Education: Taking Public Education From One Bad Reform To Something Worse

    Remember when we were told Common Core was just a set of standards?  As if parents could  not see the damage being done to their children through the Common Core aligned curriculum and testing. This month New Hampshire students are being subjected to the Smarter Balanced standardized assessment.  There are numerous reasons a large number of […]

  • Infantine Answers the Call

    (Hour 1a) With Rich out again due to sickness we needed a host!

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment: A Parent’s Perspective

    (Hour 1b) Nothing is more dangerous then messing with a mother’s child.

  • Easter Animals and Fix-A-Pit

    (Hour 1c) If you are considering getting a bunny or chick for the upcoming Easter holiday, Shelley says you will want to think twice. A story on animal abuse is brought up and what to do if you need to surrender your pet.

  • New Hampshire: A Sweet Spot for Syrup, Politics

    (Hour 2a)  For those of those who love getting out, Will gave us a list of things to look out for over this weekend. He gives us the details into Sugar Shack Weekend and amuses the crew with stories from his past in politics including one that involves a former Presidential Candidate.  

  • A Friday Flashback, Past Prediction Peril

    (Hour 2b) Will took us on a flash back to the 1970’s.

  • Pot Hole Pitfalls and Tire Troubles

    (Hour 2c) The Spring season here in New Hampshire can be summed up in two words: pot holes.

  • Making Amendments and Al’s Forcast

    (Hour 3a) The New Hampshire Legislature has gained national attention over a bill that the House of Representatives refused.

  • Providing Parents With Power in School Systems

    (Hour 3b) Al continues his forecast by giving us an extended look into the coming months and tells us about how active we can expect the weather patterns to be.

  • The No Child Left Behind Waiver; Is It Worth It?

    As the State of New Hampshire applies for another waiver to the No Child Left Behind law, I question what we are giving up in terms of local and state control in education. In order to qualify for this waiver, the state of New Hampshire is following the Obama redesign in public education.  The redesign […]

  • Veteran teacher to resign over Common Core and SBAC

    A statement from Diane Sekula, experienced educator and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Moldova, ’99-10):

  • NH HOUSE SESSION RECAP Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    We publish this summary of the actions taken during the General Session of the NH House of Representatives as provided by the Speaker’s Office.  ~Publis

  • CENSORING Information From Parents in Keene?

    Parents across New Hampshire have been running into resistance from school administrators when notifying their district that their children will not be taking the new Common Core “Smarter Balanced Assessment” this month.  

  • Education Through The Prism Of Profit

    The manner in which in which parts of high-stakes tests were evaluated were exposed through the statements and experiences of those who had participated in doing them over a number of years. 

  • Lori & Friends Take Over The Mics

    (Hour 1 a,b)