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  • Girard releases Manchester high school class sizes

    As part of the discussion over redistricting, at-Large Board of School Committee Member Rich Girard opened a discussion on high school class sizes.  It came in response to administration claims that despite having 1,500 fewer students than it had in the past, (more…)

  • Girard offers Manchester school redistricting proposal

    Below, I publish my letter to the Manchester Board of School Committee regarding redistricting.  Thanks to Mayor Ted Gatsas, it will appear on the agenda for the special meeting on February 29, called to discuss redistricting.  We’ve included a poll and welcome comments to get your feedback. (more…)

  • Avard defends contract numbers. Does the math add up?

    Below, we publish a Facebook post from Ward 10 School Committeeman John Avard, Chairman of the Negotiations Committee.  Below the post, we will offer our analysis of the numbers for reasons which will be clear upon review.  ~Publis (more…)

  • The Presidential Race and the Search for Carl Gibson

    (Hours 1a,b) Rich talked about a Right to Know request that Ed Naile filed regarding the location of fraudulent voter Carl Robert Gibson.  He told us about illegal voters (more…)

  • Persuasion Techniques and Political Suppression

    (Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro of Liberty Digital Marketing talked to us about Presidential politics for Web Savvy.  He spoke about the persuasion techniques that are being utilized (more…)

  • Social Issues and an Executive Order

    (Hour 2a) Rich talked about the Egyptian flight that went down.  He then spoke about social issues and took a call from Dave in Manchester, who informed us about an executive (more…)

  • The Hip Hinge

    (Hour 2b) Mike Bistany of EFX Fitness talked to us about functional training for Fitness Effects.  He told us about the hip hinge, describing what the exercise is and (more…)

  • Memorial Day in the Garden

    (Hour 2c) Sulane Blackford of Jacques Flower Shop told us about the first Decoration Day, or Memorial Day, for The Garden Goddess.  She introduced her son (more…)

  • Technology, School Curriculum and Common Core

    (Hours 3a,b,c) Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education, talked to Rich about providing what students need for (more…)

  • On Air News Read for May 26, 2016

    New Hampshire Senate and House conferees approved two reports in support of senate bills 2 3 9 and 3 4 2 which aim at improving the small business environment in the state.  (more…)

  • Inside Education: 05/26/2016

  • Don Winterton for State Senate

    (Hours 1a,b) Don Winterton, GOP candidate for District 16 State Senate, shared his credentials with Rich.  He spoke about his work on the Planning Board in Hooksett (more…)

  • A Right to Know Request, Amicus Brief and Cookout

    (Hour 1c) Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, informed us of a Right to Know request that he sent to the Attorney General’s office (more…)

  • Pearl Braves Arrest Threat to Speak to Pembroke School Board

    (Hour 2a) Former Hooksett School Board member David Pearl talked to Rich about his censoring at last night’s Pembroke School Board meeting.  He brought the (more…)

  • Memorial Day Ceremony

    (Hour 2b) Mike Horne of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawe talked to Rich about the event’s planned for Memorial Day for Veterans In Our Own Backyard.   (more…)

  • Getting Involved in Politics and a Political Cover-Up

    (Hour 2c) Rich took a call from DJ Dave Martinez, who requested instruction on how to get involved in local government.  We heard about the role of the public official (more…)

  • NH Family Court Requires Reform

    (Hour 3a) State Representatives Kim Rice and Frank Edelblut spoke to us about the New Hampshire family court.  They talked about the unfair treatment of fathers, (more…)

  • Alderman Long on Budgetary Items

    (Hours 3b,c) In lieu of Mayor Ted Gatsas, who had a scheduling conflict, Rich spoke to Patrick Long, Chairman of the Manchester Board of Aldermen.  They discussed (more…)