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  • This is the heroin presentation given to Manchester high school students

    Girard at Large has obtained a copy of the presentation given by members of the Manchester Fire Department (more…)

  • Gatsas Announces Citywide Dates For Mayoral Town Hall Forums

    Mayor to hold town hall meetings in each of the twelve city wards leading up to municipal Election Day (more…)

  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day One

    This is day one of our one of a kind coverage of the FITN Leadership Summit sponsored by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. (more…)

  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day Two

    We continue with the recordings of the FITN Republican Leadership Summit. Click here for our archival post (more…)

  • Politics: Getting Personal

    (Hour 1a) Rich went over the show calendar and shared with us about political candidates who he will be interviewing in the (more…)

  • Diane Guimond – Candidate for Welfare Commissioner

    (Hour 1b) Diane Guimond, who is a candidate for Welfare Commissioner, joined us this morning.  She started off by giving (more…)

  • Tanner: Pet of the Week

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass of the Manchester Animal Shelter joined us for Pet Sense.  She told us about the dog (more…)

  • Commentary on Upcoming Heroin Presentation

    (Hours 2a,3c) Rich started off by commenting on the lack of notice that the Manchester School District is giving for the (more…)

  • Milford Pumpkin Festival

    (Hour 2b) We talked to Wendy Hunt of the Milford Improvement Team who called in to share with us about the (more…)

  • The TPMS Sensor

    (Hour 2c) Curt Grenier of Auto Care Plus joined us for Auto Care Corner.  He came on the show to talk to us about (more…)

  • Global Warming Ruins Winter!!

    (Hour 3a) Al Kaprielian joined us this morning to share about the weather.  He shared with us about an upcoming “hard freeze” (more…)

  • History of Columbus Day

    (Hour 3b) We were joined by Aurore Eaten for The History Lady segment.  She came on to give us a history about the (more…)

  • On Air News Read for October 9, 2015

    New Hampshire Right to Life President Jane Cormier has published “An Open Letter to Sen. Kelly Ayotte” over the funding of (more…)

  • Sid Interviews Rich Girard

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • Last Night’s Mayoral Forum Review

    (Hours 1a,b) Rich talked to us about last night’s Mayoral Forum between Mayor Gatsas and Mayoral hopeful Joyce Craig.   (more…)

  • Effective Targeting for Advertising

    (Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro of Liberty Digital Marketing joined us for Web Savvy to talk to us about a new move that Google (more…)

  • Police Pay and Charter Chat

    (Hour 2a) Rich started this segment off by discussing finances.  He shared about the high rate of pay from a number of (more…)

  • Rehab Prehab

    (Hour 2b) Mike Bistany of EFX Fitness joined us for Fitness Effects to talk to us about “rehab prehab.”  He and Rich (more…)

  • Herb of the Week: Marjoram

    (Hour 2c) Sulane Blackford of Jacques Flower Shop joined us for The Garden Goddess.  She discussed the herb (more…)