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  • Abortion Views Are Now Asked On Standardized Assessments?

    I’ve been concerned about the kind of data the government is collecting on students who take standardized assessments.   (more…)

  • New Federal Rules on Local NH Schools via ESSA

    A few days ago, the US Dept/Ed released a press story for the proposed rule making session/comment period for the ESSA state accountability goals. (more…)

  • On Air News Read for June 28, 2016

    The Manchester Board of School Committee approved the tuition agreement with the Hooksett School District last night.  Ward 9 Committee member Arthur Beaudry was opposed, and Ward 2 Committee member Debra Langton abstained from the vote.  The contract can be viewed on the meeting’s agenda, which we have linked to on this news read. The […]

  • Nancy Steenson – GOP Candidate for District 23 State Senate

    (Hour 1a) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard spoke to Nancy Steenson, GOP candidate for District 23 State Senate.  They talked about what made her decide to run (more…)

  • Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan

    (Hour 1b) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard spoke to Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan.  They spoke about the upcoming election, running for office (more…)

  • A Court Appeal, Police Controversy and the Pembroke Drug Case

    (Hour 1c) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard talked to retired officer Jim Gaudet for Public Safety This Week.  They discussed Senator Avard’s recent ride-along and the (more…)

  • Eric Estevez – GOP Candidate for Congress in District 2

    (Hour 2a) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard talked to State Representative Eric Estevez, GOP candidate for Congress in District 2.  They spoke about challenges that (more…)

  • Vaxxed: A Look at Vaccinations

    (Hour 2b) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard talked to Laura Condon of the National Vaccine Information Center.  She discussed Vaxxed, a documentary (more…)

  • Colonial Reactions to the Declaration of Independence

    (Hour 2c) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard spoke to James Patrick Riley of Courage, New Hampshire for The History Segment.  James talked about reactions to (more…)

  • State Rep Burt on Congressman Guinta, HB 500 and Poor Driving Practices

    (Hour 3a) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard talked to State Representative John Burt.  They discussed the State (more…)

  • An Art Display and HB 1637

    (Hour 3b) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard started the segment by speaking with Senator Jeb Bradley about his art display.  He then talked to Michelle Levelle, who (more…)

  • Lead Issues in Flint, Michigan

    (Hour 3c) Guest host Senator Kevin Avard spoke to Ron Peik of Alpine Environmental about lead paint for Fix It Right, Fix It Now.  They discussed the issue in (more…)

  • Tuesday, June 28 in the NH House

    The following is a list of the scheduled meetings in the New Hampshire House on Tuesday, June 28, 2016.  Published as submitted by the Speaker’s Office.  ~ Melanie (more…)

  • Representative Al Baldasaro on Veterans Issues and More

    (Hour 1a) Representative Al Baldasaro guest hosted this morning’s show.  He spoke about vacationers, Operation Granite Hammer, veterans’ issues and more.   (more…)

  • Veteran Issues and the Refugee Program

    (Hour 1b) Guest host Representative Al Baldasaro spoke about drug programs and discussed an override of funding in order to provide the financing for pay raises.  He spoke  (more…)

  • On Air News Read for June 27, 2016

    Second vote, the conservative consumer advocacy organization, announced the release of the latest research on United Way’s funding for Planned Parenthood.  Last year, 2ndVote made a list of United Way affiliates that helped fund Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider.  (more…)

  • Immigration and Executive Orders

    (Hours 1c,2a) Eva Castillo-Turgeon talked to guest host Representative Al Baldasaro about her disappointment regarding a recent Supreme Court decision.  They discussed (more…)