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  • Kidnapping of Abigail Hernandez Confirmed

    (Hour 1a) Nathaniel E. Kibby of Gorham was arrested and charged with one count of felony kidnapping for knowingly confining Abigail Hernandez last October 9th in

  • Bob Heghmann, GOP Candidate for US Senate

    (Hour 1b, c) Bob Heghmann is a candidate for the Republican nomination to the US Senate. He is concerned about the lack of urgency among the GOP in

  • Smith on Founders of Audubon Society, 100th Anniversary

    (Hour 2b) Ruth Smith, Centennial Coordinator of the NH Audubon, was excited to share the details on Lucy Audubon’s visit to the Granite

  • Making History at Merrimack Historical Society

    (Hour 2c) Anita Creager moved from Lynn, MA to Merrimack, NH in 1962.  There were 2,400 people living there then.  There are over 27,000 living there

  • Outrage, Tyranny at Timberlane Regional School District

    (Hour 2a, 3a) We didn’t realize that School Board members needed permission from School Superintendents to obtain public financial records. Apparently that is the case at

  • Gatsas on Tuition Contract, MHT Schools, Border Children

    (Hour 3b, c) Mayor Ted Gatsas shared the secret to his success with his diet and exercise regimen. On the commitment

  • On Air News Read for July 29, 2014

    07-29-2014 News New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster, State Police Colonel Robert L. Quinn, Conway Police Chief Edward Wagner, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent-in-Charge William Scott O’Donnell, and Carroll County Attorney Robin Gordon announced an arrest in the Abigail Hernandez kidnapping case, yesterday.  

  • It’s Just Another M@nic M*nd@y

    (Hour 1a) We ran into some technical difficulties this Manic Monday.  Rich managed to get through the show schedule and we were able to right the ship. Just in time for the morning’s

  • South Jr. Deb’s Granite State Rockers World Series Bound

    (Hour 1b, c) We were pleased to welcome members of the Granite State Rockers South Jr. Deb All Star team, the first fast-pitch softball team from