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  • Manchester School District announces bus, school schedule changes

    On November 30, 2015 the hours for elementary, middle and high schools are being adjusted based (more…)

  • The Secularization of the Country

    (Hour 1a) Rich told us what to expect from today’s show before he took a call from Eric in Manchester, who told us about an event that Jacques is hosting tonight.   (more…)

  • Christmas Tree Lighting Controversy

    (Hour 1b) We were joined this morning by John Fletcher, who is a Commander at the American Legion Post 24.  John called in to talk to us about their annual (more…)

  • The Place of Religion and the Shooting in Colorado

    (Hour 1c) We were joined this morning by retired officer Jim Gaudet for Public Safety This Week.  He started by talking to Rich about religion in (more…)

  • Senator Boutin on Dealing with Heroin Epidemic

    (Hours 2a,b) We were joined this morning by District 16 State Senator David Boutin.  Rich started by asking him how he got involved with legislative efforts to (more…)

  • Colonial Farm Wives and Vigilantism

    (Hour 2c) We were joined by James Patrick Riley of Courage, New Hampshire for The History Segment.  He came on the show to give us a pre-Revolution (more…)

  • Ongoing School Board Negotiations

    (Hour 3a) Rich shared his thoughts about the negotiations between the Manchester School Board and the Hooksett School Board.  He mentioned that (more…)

  • Mental Health and Violent Crimes

    (Hour 3b) Rich started the segment by reading a post that he received from Shannon in Manchester, which dealt with the narrative around the recent shooting that (more…)

  • Ice Dams and How to Avoid Them

    (Hour 3c) We were reunited with Ron Peik of Alpine Environmental as we resumed the Fix It Right, Fix It Now segment.  He joined us this morning to (more…)

  • On Air News Read for December 1, 2015

    Seems the Hooksett School Board didn’t take too kindly to the letter sent by its Manchester counterpart over the status of tuition negotiations.  In a letter received by the city yesterday,  (more…)

  • On Air News Read for November 30, 2015

    Seems Christmas tree lightings are too offensive to advertise in S A U Twenty Nine, which is centered on Keene and includes the towns of Chesterfield, Harrisville, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson and Westmoreland. (more…)

  • Chandler House Thoughts and A Movie Recommendation

    (Hour 1a) Rich gave us a look at the show calendar before he told us about the Chandler House.  He talked to us about last night’s Patriots (more…)

  • Christie’s Union Leader Endorsement for President

    (Hour 1b) Rich talked to us about the Union Leader’s NH Sunday News.  He shared about their endorsement of Governor Chris Christie for President.  He (more…)

  • Immigration: Lowering the Screening Standards

    (Hour 1c) We were joined by Eva Castillo-Turgeon for the Ins and Outs of Immigration.  She started off by sharing about how the media has a way of (more…)

  • Religious Persecution: The Christmas Tree

    (Hour 2a) The right to not be offended has made its way into the public discussion.  Rich discussed a banning of posters advertising a Christmas Tree lighting.   (more…)

  • Preservation of Historic Chandler House

    (Hours 2b,c) We talked to Ed Brouder, of the Manchester Historic Society, about the Chandler House.  He gave us a look at his background and (more…)