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  • Manchester School District announces bus, school schedule changes

    On November 30, 2015 the hours for elementary, middle and high schools are being adjusted based on the new teachers’ contract with the Manchester Education Association. (more…)

  • Middle East Persecution and the Church

    (Hour 1a) To start the show Rich told us about his Thanksgiving Day plans, before he gave us the updated show calendar.  He then turned his attention to (more…)

  • Manchester’s School and Bus Schedule Change

    (Hour 1b) Rich talked to us about Black Friday before he reminded us about Manchester School District’s school and bus schedule change that will occur (more…)

  • Black Friday at the Manchester Animal Shelter

    (Hour 1c) We were joined by Shelley Greenglass of the Manchester Animal Shelter for Pet Sense.  She started the segment by telling us (more…)

  • Former Southside Principal on Drug Epidemic (Part 2)

    (Hours 2a,b) We were joined again this morning by retired Southside Middle School principal Rich Girard, who we interviewed (more…)

  • Auto Care Corner: E15 Fuel

    (Hour 2c) Rich started off the segment of Auto Care Corner by giving us some good advice about dealing with a noise coming from your engine.  We were then (more…)

  • The Caption Contest

    (Hour 3a) Rich started the hour by talking to us about his workouts at EFX Fitness with Mike Bistany.  He presented the “Caption Contest,” which will (more…)

  • Black Friday in 1955

    (Hour 3b) Rich started the segment by introducing Meteorologist Al Kaprielian who gave us an update on the weather.  He was then joined by Aurore Eaton (more…)

  • The Meaning of the Season

    (Hour 3c) Rich talked to his listeners about the shopping season.  He asked about their horror stories and shared about what bugs him.  He talked about (more…)

  • On Air News Read for November 27, 2015

    The Diocese of Manchester is getting push back from Catholics around the state after calling on the faithful to tell Governor Margaret Wood Hassan and members of Congress to welcome Syrian refugees.

  • Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

    (Hour 1a) Rich started the segment this Thanksgiving morning by talking about our Twitter certification.  He then updated us on today’s schedule.  He (more…)

  • Live Reading of Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

    (Hour 1b) Rich gave us a live reading of the Thanksgiving Proclamation that was issued by President George Washington (more…)

  • The History of Thanksgiving

    (Hour 1c) Rich played an archived clip from a previous segment of Aurore Eaton’s History Lady.  In the clip Aurore shared with us about the history of (more…)

  • Former Southside Principal on Drug Epidemic

    (Hours 2a,b,c) Rich introduced his next guest Rich Girard, who is a retired Southside Middle School principal and our Humble Host’s father.  Rich came on (more…)

  • Interview with the Undefeated Goffstown Grizzlies

    (Hours 3a,b,c) For our final hour Rich interviewed the undefeated Goffstown Grizzlies, who have recently become the state champions.  He talked (more…)

  • On Air News Read for November 26, 2015

    Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard issued a statement yesterday regarding the onset of the holiday shopping season.  The Manchester Police Department is starting an initiative in the various retail areas of the city.  (more…)