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  • On Air News Read for February 27, 2015

    The city of Manchester was busy removing snow from the downtown last night, so if you’re one of the many who seems to ignore those orange no-parking signs in the downtown and you’re wondering where your cars is, check the city’s Vehicle Impoundment Area at Derryfield Park, it’s the parking lot along Mammoth Road across […]

  • Banfield adds to testimony on parental testing refusal rights

    Honorable Chair Rep. Ladd and members of the House Education Committee: Please see attached testimony on HB603 as presented at today’s hearing.

  • Inside Education: Parents Need To Take Charge!

    Continuing on the theme of encouraging parents to opt their children out of taking the Smarter Balanced high stakes assessment tests Glassner read the letter of a courageous New Hampshire public school teacher, Diane Sekula, who along with her husband, has made the decision that her son would not take those tests. 

  • Fired Up For A Busy Show

    (Hour 1a) Fred the Intern came in this morning quite dapper in a suit.  Lori forgot her phone.  And we kicked off a busy show with latest details about TWO casinos coming to New Hampshire.  How wouldl it affect local economies? We have your details right here.        

  • C.O.O. In Concord, Town Managers In Goffstown

    (Hour 1b) Governor Hassan is looking to hire a Chief Operating Officer.  Why exactly was she elected then?  Basically, someone will be hired to take on responsibilities of the Governess.  Also, the idea of a Town Manager has been floating around over in Goffstown.  Rich also made a prediction that has come true about Hassan […]

  • Net Neutrality Voting Happening Today

    (Hour 1c) Net Neutrality is up for vote today by the F.C.C.  The problem?  Nobody in the public has even read it. No one knows what is being voted on!  Net Neutrality poses as a direct violation of your 4th amendment rights and constrict how you use your internet.  Your electronic data won’t be yours.  Everything […]

  • David Pearl Is Finished With Hooksett School Board

    (Hour 2a,b) David Pearl will be retiring his seat on March 10th. He has been on the forefront of numerous battles while on the school board. David gives his ideas on what has happened and where he thinks the board is headed. It has a bad habit of saving things for the last minute and […]

  • Bucket Lists and Binge Watching With Cats

    (Hour 2c) Courtney is Back! Courtney lit up the studio today by catching us up on all the things she has been doing.  She talked about finding a restaurant in Londondery called Whippersnappers where the hold monthly comedy nights.  She is coming up with a “New Hampshire Bucket List” for everyone to do.  Consider it a Girard […]

  • Missouri Parents Challenge Smarter Balanced…And Win

    (Hour 3a) People of New Hampshire and State Department of Education take notice! In Missouri, the citizens who were being oppressed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment fought back and took it to court. What was their ruling?

  • Glassner Says The Time Has Come

    (Hour 3 b,c)   Parents have an obligation to tell government leaders  and education bureaucrats, in a civilized manner, that they refuse to be bamboozled any more,  or accept being controlled by lies, false assumptions and incomplete explanations to inquiries.

  • On Air News Read for February 26, 2015

    Judge Daniel R. Green in the Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri did something yesterday that just may rattle the foundations of the Common Core National Standards and junk the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessment consortia:  

  • Gov. Jindal: Repeal All of Obamacare? Nah, Just Kidding

    If you are one of those unsophisticated voters out there in America who thought that you voted for Republican candidates last November so that they will repeal and replace Obamacare, I have bad news for you —

  • Missouri Judge Strikes Down Smarter Balanced Assessment

    A court in Missouri has found the Smarter Balanced Assessment “is an unlawful interstate compact to which the U.S. Congress has never consented.”  We publish the short ruling, here in and

  • Facebook: Restricting Visibility to Push Paid Posts?

    (Hour 1a) We were puzzled to find that we couldn’t tag anything on Facebook like we were able to before. The question was brought up if this was some conspiracy from Facebook to push paid posts? We think so. Also an appeal was made to Jon DiPietro for him to come and help us understand […]

  • DiPietro Calls In To Discuss Facebook, The FCC

    (Hour 1B) Jon DiPietro came to our rescue. He gave us the low down on Facebook groups and pages, liking, and gave us the answer to our question “Is not being able to tag a way to push paid posts?” He also stayed on to answer questions we had about Net Neutrality and The FCC. Listen in […]