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  • Clarity Comes to Principal Hires in MHT

    (Hour 1a) Rich raised questions about how things are being run at the Manchester School District.  Questions that, we are pleased to say, got answered after this morning’s show

  • Threats by Metzler at Timberlane RSD

    (Hour 1b) What in the heck is happening at the Timberlane Regional School District? Rich read a threatening e-mail that School Board member Donna Green received from

  • Pet Sense: Dealing with Thunderstorms, Adopting Keechi

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass gave us some “sound” advice on how to help dogs deal with thunderstorms. This week’s Manchester Animal Shelter Pet

  • Discussing the Comprehensive, Incomprehensible David Boutin

    (Hour 2a) In a recent political mailing, NH State Senator David Boutin is blowing his own conservative horn. Rich

  • Sullivan on 81st Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair

    (Hour 2b) Pam Sullivan gave us the details on the 81st Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair, the longest running annual crafts fair in the nation.

  • Auto Care Corner: Car Shaking Causes

    (Hour 2c) Does your car have the shakes?  John Manelas of Auto Care Plus told us about what some of the potential causes might be.  You might be surprised at how many places

  • Deciphering Demoulas, Hernandez; Weekend Weather with Al

    (Hour 3a) Rich shared new details on the Abigail Hernandez case and the “interesting” press release by the NH Attorney General.

  • NH GOP: Watching What They Do

    (Hour 3b) We’ve been around long enough to know not buy into the bumper stickers and campaign hype. Trusting motherly advice is much wiser. We talked about the actions of

  • NH Fisher Cats: Homestand, Road Trip, Community Events

    (Hour 3c) Tom Gauthier joined us with the inside scoop on the NH Fisher Cats In The Bullpen. Their recent homestand started out well against the future