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  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day One

    This is day one of our one of a kind coverage of the FITN Leadership Summit sponsored by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. (more…)

  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day Two

    We continue with the recordings of the FITN Republican Leadership Summit. Click here for our archival post of day one. (more…)

  • Dr. Jeff Czarnec on current events

    (Hour 1a) We were joined this morning by Special Guest host Dr. Jeff Czarnec, who started off the segment by sharing about who he (more…)

  • Bad Crimes and Bad Hair

    (Hour 1b) Special Guest host Dr. Jeff Czarnec started the segment off by talking about Concord resident Owen Labrie.  He (more…)

  • Fun with the Manchester Animal Shelter

    (Hours 1c,2a) Shelley Greenglass, of Manchester Animal Shelter, joined us for Pet Sense.  In this humorous segment Shelley and (more…)

  • Health and learning

    (Hour 2b) Dr. Jeff Czarnec talked to us about the human health in this segment.  He discussed the need to stay in shape, bikram yoga, (more…)

  • Auto Care Employment

    (Hours 2c,3a) Paul Rivard, of Auto Care Plus, joined us for Auto Care Corner to talk to us about a number of issues, including the (more…)

  • Historical Engineer and Weekend Weather

    (Hour 3b) With Aurore Eaton in studio for this week’s The History Lady, our meteorologist Al Kaprielian joined (more…)

  • Fisher Cats: Minors and Majors

    (Hour 3c) Aurore Eaton opened up the segment finishing her conversation from the last segment before Tom Gauthier (more…)

  • Inside Education 08/27/2015

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

  • Balance requested with teacher issues

    (Hours 1a&b) This morning Ann Marie Banfield of Cornerstone Action was the Special Guest Host in Rich’s absence.  She (more…)

  • The role of technology in the classroom

    (Hour 1c) Jon DiPietro, of Authentia, joined us this morning for Web Savvy and shared with us his thoughts on education and (more…)

  • Rep Boehm’s Bill Discussion

    (Hour 2a) Special Guest Host Ann Marie Banfield interviewed Rep. Ralph Boehm this morning and they kicked off the (more…)

  • Vaccines and Vaccine Mandates

    (Hour 2b) We were joined by Mike Bistany, of EFX Fitness, and Heather Taylor for Fitness Effects.   They discussed a (more…)

  • Herb of the week: Thyme

    (Hour 2c) Sulane Blackford, of Jacques Flower Shop, and her special guest Petal joined us for The Garden Goddess.  She (more…)

  • Rep Candidate Ratings with Common Core

    (Hour 3a) In this segment our special Guest Host Ann Marie Banfield shared with us some ratings for the upcoming Presidential (more…)

  • Ulterior motives and censoring

    (Hour 3b&c) Sid Glassner, Senior Fellow with the New England Society for the Study of Education, joined us for Is Our Children Learning (more…)