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  • Levasseur v. Girard Right to Know Case

    Due to popular demand, we’ve created this portal through which you can easily access all our stories on the dismissed lawsuit Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur filed to block the release of public records. Just click here for the page with the stories.

  • Livingston drops Jewett proposal from redistricting

    Redistricting plan won’t include central pre-K and K-8 innovation school

  • GAL-TV on 4/10/14

    So, Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur says he won the lawsuit he filed to block the release of information subject to a Right to Know request.  Hm, let’s see…

  • NC Voter Integrity Project’s Crusade Against Fraud

    (Hour 1a) Jay Delancy, President of the Voter Integrity Project of NC called in this morning to talk about voter fraud.  Ed Naile of the Coalition

  • Failure to Communicate at Bedford School District

    (Hour 1b) Strother Martin summed up the scene at the Ross A. Lurgio Middle School in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”

  • Pet Sense: Finding a Home for Sparky

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass told us about Sparky, a spunky maltese with a sad story.  They found Sparky living in a crate in a truck in a negligent owner’s backyard.  Just one

  • Smith, “We could win the election but lose the battle.”

    (Hour 2a) GOP Senate candidate Bob Smith called in to discuss the campaign.  Smith hammered candidate Scott Brown for the company

  • Privacy & Constitution: Ludicrous Lawsuits

    (Hour 2b) Dr. Jeff Czarnec credited Bob Smith for being “right on point” and he saluted Joe Biron for setting a new honor flight record in Washington DC.  Czarnec had

  • Auto Care Corner: Steering Your Car Safely

    (Hour 2c) John Manelas of Auto Care Plus had some fun with us this morning.  What do you think the most distracting food when driving is:  a burger,

  • HB 1156: Bad Bill for NH’s Right to Know

    (Hour 3a) Harriet Cady of NH Right to Know called in with an update on HB 1156.  That’s the bill our humble host, and Cady testified against in Concord.  It’s headed to the NH Senate