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  • Rigging the Election – Clinton Campaign and DNC Scheme to Incite Violence, Commit Voter Fraud

    James O’Keefe and Project Veritas uncover the most shocking videos of election corruption seen (more…)

  • Police Department Offers Halloween Safety Tips

    BEDFORD, N.H. — Chief John Bryfonski and the Bedford Police Department are offering residents Halloween safety tips and practices as they prepare to take their (more…)

  • Manchester Police Senior Walks

    The Manchester Police Department’s Community Policing Division announces the 2016 Fall Senior Walks.  These walks allow seniors to exercise and experience Manchester (more…)

  • On Air News Read for October 21, 2016

    New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner has determined Derry Town Moderator Mary Till violated state election law during the Sept. 13th primary and will appoint election monitor to oversee Till, (more…)

  • Mischievous Things Afoot Within Timberlane

    (Hour 1a) After sharing about this morning’s busy schedule, Rich informed the listeners about more controversy from the Timberlane Regional School District.  He talked (more…)

  • Joe Lachance on Cannabis Controversy and Decriminalization

    (Hours 1b,c) Rich spoke to State Representative Joe Lachance, who came on the air to discuss the drug-related controversy that surrounded former State Rep Kyle Tasker.   (more…)

  • Can NY Buy NH Elections?

    (Hour 2a) State Representative JR Hoell told Rich about an attempt by out of state interests to remove Senator Kevin Avard and replace him with Peggy Gilmore.   (more…)

  • Congressman Guinta on the Budget, Speaker Ryan and Obamacare

    (Hour 2b) Rich spoke to 1st District Congressman Frank Guinta about the GOP’s difficulty in dealing with the budget.  They spoke about the reelection of Speaker Paul Ryan (more…)

  • Paying Attention to Your Car’s Noises

    (Hour 2c) John Manelas of Auto Care Plus spoke to Rich about car noises that need to be addressed for Auto Care Corner.  He described some noises and explained  (more…)

  • Gardening Woes and the Weekend Weather

    (Hour 3a) Rich started the hour by talking about some of his gardening issues, before he engaged in a conversation with Meteorologist Al Kaprielian.  They discussed the (more…)

  • More History of Manchester’s Theater’s

    (Hour 3b) Author Aurore Eaton continued in her discussion about Manchester’s theater’s from last week for The History Lady.  She talked to Rich about some of the (more…)

  • NEA President Runs for State Senate

    (Hour 3c) In the final segment of the week Rich tackled the issue of National Education Association of New Hampshire President Scott McGilvray’s run for State (more…)

  • On Air News Read for October 20, 2016

    The Bedford Police Department has announced that residents may drop off their unused and unwanted prescription medications this weekend as part of National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.   (more…)

  • Review of the Final Presidential Debate

    (Hours 1a,b) Rich spoke about last night’s Presidential debate, commenting on what seems to be the debate highlight.  He talked about voter fraud on a massive scale and a (more…)

  • Social Media Scheming, Surveillance and Censorship

    (Hour 1c) After making an observation about the most recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump, Jon DiPietro tackled the issue of police use of social media (more…)

  • Budget Irresponsibility in SAU 55

    (Hour 2a) Donna Green of the Timberlane Regional School Board spoke to Rich about the decision about SAU 55’s budget at last night’s Board meeting.  She informed (more…)

  • Accomplishing Your Fitness Goals

    (Hour 2b) Mike Bistany of EFX Fitness started his segment by talking about his recent appearances on Goffstown TV.  He then talked about accomplishing goals, (more…)

  • An Indian Summer in the Garden

    (Hour 2c) Sulane Blackford of Jacques Flower Shop talked to Rich about the record breaking Indian Summer that we are experiencing for The Garden (more…)