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  • CNHT Voter Integrity Project

    Anyone who has a history of working on elections in New Hampshire is aware of how corrupted by out of state, transient voters and special interests our once locally run

  • GAL – TV 10/16/2014

    Albert Jernigan fills in with guest Dick Smith.  It’s an outdoors man’s dream episode!

  • GAL-TV 10/23/2-14

    In this episode, we preview our interview with Manchester second grade teacher Kelley Tambouris, who sounded the alarm regarding the massive amounts of new testing in the classrooms, plus

  • Life activist to support GOP nominees

    We publish this letter to the editor as submitted and encourage all in our audience to submit their opinions, which we shall similarly publish.  ~Publis  

  • Havenstein Hammers Hassan in Gubernatorial Debate

    (Hour 1a) It wasn’t that long ago that we were making light of Walt Havenstein for his dreadful debate performance against Andrew Hemingway.

  • MHT Teachers Losing Teaching Time to Tests Tests Tests

    (Hour 1b) Parkside Principal Forrest Ransdell has been reinstated.  That’s good news, but he never should have been suspended in the first place.

  • DiPietro on Underpaid Employees, Top Social Media Sites for Referrals

    (Hour 1c) Internet guru Jon DiPietro of Authentia shared some interesting information from an article he read

  • Kristi St. Laurent, Candidate for NH State Senate, District 19

    (Hour 2a, b) (Hour 2a) Kristi St. Laurent is a Democrat candidate for NH State Senate in District 19 (Derry, Windham and Hampstead).  It’s her

  • Godbout on Local Vendors, Picking the Right Gift

    (Hour 2c) Adam Godbout of Jacques Flower Shop was our special guest host for Out! Godbout sang the praises of the many local vendors they

  • Havenstein on “Two-Faced” Hassan’s One Size Fits All Approach

    (Hour 3a) GOP gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein joined us to discuss the momentum his campaign is