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  • Manchester Heroin Forum

    We are pleased to present, in its entirety, the Heroin Forum organized by Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard.  We were on site during the event (more…)

  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day One

    This is day one of our one of a kind coverage of the FITN Leadership Summit sponsored by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. (more…)

  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day Two

    We continue with the recordings of the FITN Republican Leadership Summit. Click here for our archival post of day one. (more…)

  • Rich rips school board

    (Hour 1a) Rich gave us a picture of the show’s schedule.  He moved on to discuss the recent move of political correctness that occurred at UNH.  Finally, (more…)

  • UNH gets Trumped; Classroom leveling

    (Hours 1b&3b) Rich discussed the embarrassment that is the UNH political correctness move.  Donald Trump, among other Presidential candidates, weighed in on the (more…)

  • Pet Sense: Penny the rat terrier!

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass, owner of the Manchester Animal Shelter, joined us for the weekly segment of Pet Sense.  Shelley gave Rich an update on (more…)

  • Maria Brown runs in Ward 7

    (Hours 2a&b) Maria Brown, candidate for school board in Ward 7, came on the show to inform us of her candidacy.  In the first segment she gave us the details (more…)

  • Check your warning lights

    (Hour 2c) Curt Grenier, of Auto Care Plus, talked about the warning lights on your car Auto Care Corner.  “If the light is on, there is a problem,” he told us.  He shared about the (more…)

  • Weather Predictions with Al

    (Hour 3a) Meteorologist Al Kaprielian predicted disastrous, life-altering weather, during his weekly visit.  Tune in to hear his predictions about the coming weather. (more…)

  • Ice Bucket Challenge with the Fisher Cats

    (Hour 3c) Tom Gauthier, of the NH Fisher Cats, joined us for In The Bullpen and informed us of his team’s scores, upcoming schedule, give-aways, and (more…)

  • On Air News Read for July 31, 2015

    And there it was, gone!  That’s about all that’s left to say after the University of New Hampshire  removed the so called Bias Free Language Guide from its Web site.   (more…)


    During the first two segments of Inside Education Sid discussed the Arne Duncan turnaround with regard to teachers; The Great Common Core Textbook swindle; and (more…)

  • Should NH Evaluate Teachers Or Bureaucrats In This Common Core Scheme?

    Everyone expects teachers to be evaluated based on their job performance, teachers included.   (more…)

  • On Air News Read for July 30, 2015

    The University of New Hampshire considers use of the word “American” as quote “problematic.”  That’s according to a so called Bias Free Language Guide published on their Web site.   (more…)

  • University of No Hablo

    (Hour 1a) As the first segment began Rich gave us a picture of today’s show.  He then moved on and gave us a picture of his college life.  Rich detailed an issue (more…)

  • Problematic < Preferred

    (Hour 1b) In this segment Rich went through a list of problematic words and and what the preferred substitution is.  He alerted us about this move of political correctness (more…)

  • Meerkat v Perriscope: A Comparison

    (Hour 1c) This morning Jon DiPietro, of Career Gravity, joined us for Web Savvy.  After hearing yesterday’s show he decided to discuss the differences (more…)

  • Goffstown Board of Selectmen and Planned Pinardhood

    (Hour 2a) As this segment started Rich started off talking about gender-neutral statements.  He then moved on to the (more…)