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  • Al needs bail to get out of MDA Jail!

    Dear Friend: I’M BEING ARRESTED! I recently accepted the challenge of being a Jailbird in 2015 Londonderry/Derry Lock-Up benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. of NH.

  • On Air News Read for March 6, 2015

    In a follow up to a story we brought you earlier this week, Girard at Large has obtained information on the million dollar loan given to developer Dick Anagnost to build high density, low income housing on Old Wellington Road.  The original loan documents were signed in 2004.  It was a thirty year loan at […]

  • Friday, March 6, 2015 in the NH House of Representatives

    Here is today’s schedule of hearings, meetings and activities in the New Hampshire House of Representatives as published by the Speaker’s Office.  ~Publis

  • Technology makes things difficult!

    (Hour 1 a) It never seems to stop, does it?  Rich was running around pre-show because certain programs and documents weren’t working correctly on the computer.  And we accidentally deleted the entire week worth of information on the website. OOPS! All we were trying to do was clean up tags! Oh my tags…..     […]

  • Will Goffstown receive a Town Manager?

    (Hour 1b) Selectman Nick Campasano and Peter Georgantis come to discuss the warrant article in Goffstown that would change the Board of Selectmen style of government to a town manager style of government.  They provide the details of what a town manager does and how the Board feels about getting one.  Listen in!     […]

  • Don’t become a Google casualty!

    (Hour 1c) After saving our souls after our website fiasco, Jon joins us and provides valuable information on how to make sure your website survives on Google.

  • Localizing jobs of streetlamp proposal

    (Hour 2a) Alderman Patrick Long called in. Alderman Long and Rich set the station on fire in their discussion!  There is a lot of money talk with the proposed streetlamp proposal in high budgets and who are really going to get those jobs.  Is it going to go to Manchester residents or will it be […]

  • The Way Home rebuilds their home

    (Hour 2 b) Mary Sliney is the executive director of The Way Home here in Manchester.  The way home is a local non-profit that aims to help low income and homeless families.  They recently had a devastating event where a pipe burst in their basement and flooded their facility.  To learn more of their message […]

  • I’ve got a fever… Cabin Fever

    (Hour 2 c) Adam Godbout filled in for Courtney Hoppe today!  With the winter we had, everyone seems to be suffering from a bit of cabin fever.  Adam tries to make us feel better and share with us how Jacques Flower Shop can help your case of cabin fever with the medicine of Spring!  Well, inside…. […]

  • Unions putting cash in politician’s pockets

    (Hour 3a) Our Humble Host’s mind started turning with all of this streetlamp talk about what the Unions are doing with politicians.  The result?  There is SIGNIFICANT funding for politicians by the Unions themselves.  These numbers are actually staggering and the cause is a severe conflict of interest.    

  • Surveys and tests breaking our children

    (Hour 3 b,c) Ann Marie Banfield filled in today for the vacationing Sid Glassner.  The topic was surveys that are given to students to collect personal information on them about sex, drug use, and home life.  Fighters against these surveys claim it is an infringement local control, 5th amendment rights, and parental rights.  

  • On Air News Read for March 5, 2015

    The New Hampshire Republican State Committee yesterday asked the New Hampshire Department of Justice to review Governess Margaret Wood Hassan’s attempt to pressure state agencies into ignoring the Right to Know Law.  

  • NH GOP seeks NH AG’s input on Hassan’s evasion of Right to Know Law

    The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today asked the New Hampshire Department of Justice to review Governor Maggie Hassan’s attempt to pressure state agencies into ignoring the Right to Know Law. The party also submitted its own request with the

  • Thursday, March 5, 2015 in the NH House of Representatives

    As published by the Speaker’s Office, we post the schedule of hearings and events for the NH House of Representatives.  ~Publis

  • NH House of Reps Session Recap for March 4, 2015

    This is the chronicle of the actions taken by the New Hampshire House of Representatives as published by the Speaker’s Office.  ~Publis

  • Street Lights: Union Interests a Deciding Factor

    (Hour 1a,b) The battle over converting Manchester’s street lights to LED fixtures so raged at last night’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, it left our Humble Host nearly speechless.  This was government at its worst and the number of people who might benefit at taxpayer expense will truly blow your mind and […]