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  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day One

    This is day one of our one of a kind coverage of the FITN Leadership Summit sponsored by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. Here are the links to the speeches and interviews.  Enjoy! (more…)

  • FITN GOP Leadership Summit Day Two

    We continue with the recordings of the FITN Republican Leadership Summit. Click here for our archival post of day one. Carly Fiorina Interview with Josh McCelvin Gov. Bobby Jindal Donald Trump Gov. Bobby Jindal, Ben Sorrow & Rich and Friends Gov. Mike Huckabee Sen. Ted Cruz

  • On Air News Read for May 29, 2015

    The New Hampshire Senate Finance Committee voted to approve a budget yesterday, sending it  to a vote by the senate next week.  In a rather lengthy press release, which we’ve published at (more…)

  • T.G.I.F.

    (Hour 1a)  In this segment Rich gave us a look at what a week in radio looks like.  Included is a quick mention of our up-coming material to be covered in today’s broadcast. (more…)

  • Is that a pistol in your pocket?

    (Hour 1b) Rich discussed the Women’s Defense League, and Senate Bill 116, a bill seeking to repel the concealed carry law. (more…)

  • Pet Sense featuring Big Guy

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass, from the Manchester Animal Shelter, joined us this morning for Pet Sense and told Rich (or Groot) about Big Guy, a big, low maintenance cat.  He wants to be your companion and would (more…)

  • Charter schools and budget issues

    (Hour 2a)  Charter schools in Manchester have not had an increase in funding since 2009.  Enrollment is in decline, and some feel that the state should help facilitate these popular institutions. (more…)

  • The Longest Day

    (Hour 2b) Jason Lynch, of the Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter, joined us this morning to tell us how we can help our loved ones who suffer from dementia.  Unfortunately, many of us have (more…)

  • Trailer maintainance: Lights, tires and wheel bearings

    (Hour 2c) Curt Grenier, of Auto Care Plus, joined us this morning for our Auto Care Corner segment and talked to us about trailers!  He went on a bike ride, with a special someone, and (more…)

  • Al Kaprielian and the Cornhole Tournament

    (Hour 3a) The top of this segment invited our listeners to help a group of sixth grade girls raise money for a trip to Hershey, PA.  The event includes barbecue, a bean bag toss (more…)

  • Inside the budget with Will

    (Hour 3b)  Will Infantine joined us this morning for our State House Insider, sponsored by Aspen Insurance, segment to give us a look at how the state budget is shaping up. (more…)

  • Fisher Cats expect competitive series

    (Hour 3c) Tom Gauthier, of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, joined us this morning for our In The Bullpen segment to give us an update on what’s going on with the team!  It sounds like (more…)

  • NH Senate Finance Committee announces 2016-17 budget proposal

    We publish, unedited this statement from the NH Senate Finance Committee regarding the budget they have approved, which will be considered (more…)

  • Inside Education 5/28/2015

    *Below are this morning’s audio clips* (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • On Air News Read for May 28, 2015

    “ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately, and most these arms were snatched up by ISIS.”  That’s what G O P Presidential Candidate Rand Paul said (more…)

  • Did the GOP create ISIS?

    (Hour 1a) We discussed Senator Rand Paul’s interview in which he laid the blame for the existence of ISIS on members of his own political party.  Click here for that interview.  In addition, Rich spoke (more…)

  • Breaking News: Carl Gibson update!

    (Hour 1b) Ed Naile, the President of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, joined us this morning for a special edition of A Question of Voter Fraud to release some BREAKING NEWS.  We are told (more…)