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  • On Air News Read for December 5, 2016

    There’s been another shooting in the Queen City.  Police last night were called to five thirty six Beech Street at about a quarter to eleven.  When they arrived, the thirty year old male victim was (more…)

  • Voter Fraud and a Presidential Recount Effort

    (Hour 1a) Rich started the show by talking about Jill Stein and the Presidential election recount efforts.  He spoke about criticisms that have been placed against President- (more…)

  • Donald Trump: Social Media and a Presidential Phone Call

    (Hour 1b) After talking to the listeners about the best time to purchase a Christmas tree, Rich commented on the Sunday morning shows.  He brought up the interview (more…)

  • Candia Refuses to Release Public Information

    (Hours 2a,b,3a) Rich played an audio clip from the Candia Budget Committee that occurred on November 30th, in which Ray Buckley attempted to acquire public (more…)

  • Christmas Spirit at the Chamber

    (Hour 2c) Will Stewart, President of the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, joined Rich for the Chamber Chat segment.  They discussed the past (more…)

  • Pet Owners Beware and Picking the New NHGOP Chair

    (Hour 3b) Kimberly Morin spoke to Rich about the push to allow veteranarians to view the drug history of the pet owners over a drug database.  She then spoke about (more…)

  • Highway Department Responds to First Storm

    (Hour 3c) Rich spent the segment talking to Kevin Sheppard of the Highway Department, in light of this morning’s snow storm.  They talked about preparation (more…)

  • On Air News Read for December 2, 2016

    As we hinted at yesterday, a Citizen’s Petition Warrant Article has come forward to overturn the Gender Non-Conforming policy adopted earlier this year by the Candia School Board.   (more…)

  • Media Bias: The Ohio State Attack

    (Hour 1a) Rich opened the show by talking about the lack of coverage that is available concerning the attack at the Ohio State University.  He then spoke about the (more…)

  • Candia’s Legal Fees and a Transgender Policy

    (Hour 1b) Rich read an email that he received from a Hooksett resident concerning the Candia School Board’s decision to hide their legal bills.  He then switched gears (more…)

  • The Founders Academy Presents Wencelas

    (Hour 1c) Mom at-Large Patrice called in to inform the listeners about a 7pm showing tonight and 5pm showing tomorrow of Wencelas at The Founders Academy public (more…)

  • Superintendent Littlefield and the Manchester School District

    (Hour 2a) Rich informed the listeners about a phone call from a listener regarding Superintendent Charles Littlefield’s former aspirations to become the Superintendent (more…)

  • Manchester’s Roads: Preparing for Winter

    (Hour 2b) In this segment Rich addressed the parking situation in Manchester.  He commented on the difficulty in getting around vehicles on certain snowy (more…)

  • Severe Conditions: Checking Your Oil

    (Hour 2c) John Manelas of Auto Care Plus talked to Rich about oil change related repairs for Auto Care Corner.  They discussed severe conditions and the (more…)

  • Back Issues and the Weekend Weather

    (Hour 3a) Rich spoke to the listeners about his time at the chiropractor, before taking a call from Meteorologist Al Kaprielian.  Al talked about the November rainfall, as (more…)