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GAL-TV on March 5, 2015

So, we’re sorry to keep saying that we don’t know what’s in them, but time is what it is and it might heal all wounds, but it kills memory cells.  Maybe if you don’t leave comments identifying the...

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GAL-TV 2/26/2015

Hmmm, once again, we plead memory loss to to lapse of time between doing the show and posting it.  No doubt, it will still be fun to watch!  (BTW, can the video ever stop so that we get “good...

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GAL-TV for 2/19/2015

Yup, once again, we encourage you to take a look and leave comments to let us know what we said in this one.  Gotta love the attire though, not to mention the “great face” given by the frozen...

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GAL-TV on 1/22/2105

Well, our good friend Tim DiVenuti, the ever dapperly dressed man, joined us for this show.  Tim’s always got something up his sleeve, so we’re sure there was a good laugh or two, in addition to him getting stuff off...

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GAL-TV on 1/8/15

The holidays are over and we come out swinging as we break (at least we think we did it in this video) a story from the Manchester School District involving an almost expelled student, the Office of Civil Rights and a 16 year...

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