Cathy Gorman(Hour 1a, b) Cathleen Gorman is a member of the Budget Committee for the Timberlane Regional School District.  It turns out that they’re about to administer a student survey there similar to the one in Bedford that has parents up in arms.

Gorman describes her ongoing battles with school administrators, namely Superintendent Earl F. Metzler, to get responses for Right to Know requests on her questions about budget issues and the survey.  You won’t believe the hoops they made Gorman jump through to finally obtain the information she requested!

(Hour 1a) 04-28-2014 Hour 1a

The story at Timberlane sounds eerily similar to the School Board abuses we reported out of Hooksett.  Gorman had more troubling stuff to share involving parental consent forms, questions on the survey and where all of the personal student data goes.  Also, serious issues with Timberlane RSD e-mails.

(Hour 1b) 04-28-2014 Hour 1b