Second Street Rezoning(Hour 1a, b) Rich went on a fast food rant this morning.  Eric from Manchester called in to join the chorus.  The inspiration?  A faulty study on fast food restaurants on Second Street.

The “Sustainable” Rezoning proposal is back, courtesy of the Southern NH Regional Planning Commission.  What was sold to then Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo as a state grant turned out to be a federal one.  With all of those complicated strings attached.

We also had well wishes for Mayor Gatsas, who is recovering from heart surgery.

(Hour 1a) 04-30-2014 Hour 1a

Rich read the riot act on the political agenda behind Second Street Rezoning.  You won’t believe some of the crazy mandates required in this thing.  From pedestrian and biking amenities to shared parking, it’s going to be mandated.

They’ll even be dictating terms on the landscaping!  Is the fix on for this no bid contractual “solution?”

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(Hour 1b) 04-30-2014 Hour 1b