Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile, President of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, had an interesting request.  He’s been invited to be a panelist for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  Could it be a setup or will they be facilitating an honest debate & discussion about Voter Fraud?  Will they be searching for genuine solutions or denying that the problem even exists?

Naile interviewed with NPR once about an education funding lawsuit.  When the folks at NPR realized they weren’t dealing with a loon, they never asked him back.  It’s the sort of thing Ed has grown used to.  Fortunately, there are other grassroots organizations like Voter Integrity Project of NC and plenty of concerned citizens cranking up the heat.

Naile describes the “quality, not quantity” approach to identifying Vote Fraudsters and Professional Campaigners.  A Maryland reporter for Breitbart and Newsmax is using 10 years of proof from Ed to contribute to the “backlash coming on Voter Fraud.”  The CNHT President also reminded us to question the candidates running about the pervasive problem and the easy fixes.

04-30-2014 Hour 1c