Raymond Francis(Hour 1a, b) We were honored to meet Raymond Francis this morning, a man who traveled a remarkable medical journey.  Francis was in his mid-40’s when he started feeling tired.  His doctor ran thousands of dollars in tests to try to diagnose the problem and declared him “in perfect health.”

Doctors eventually found the culprit: a parasitic infection that Francis picked up in his international travels.  The drug they prescribed to kill the parasite almost killed his liver instead.  It took two years, but Francis was able to recover.

Applying his knowledge of chemistry, the MIT graduate cured himself.  Francis believes that modern medicine as we practice it today is pretty stupid.  Is it true that 85% of today’s procedures have never been proven to be safe or effective?

(Hour 1a) 05-01-2014 Hour 1a

Are we really practicing 17th Century medicine in 2014?  “The leading cause of death in America is the practice of medicine,” claims Francis, and he points to studies in the National Academy of Sciences.  Francis explained that a whole new approach to medicine is needed.  Our vastly compromised food supply is also a big part of the problem, thanks to the industrial revolution.

Has the cure for Cancer really been known for over 100 years?  Francis explained how Cancer Treatment is big business and Cancer Research is a sham.  He shared his simple cure: the human body repairs itself.  With essential nutrients and the elimination of toxicity, you cannot get sick.

Learn more about Raymond Francis and his books at Beyond Health.

(Hour 1b) 05-01-2014 Hour 1b