Jeff Czarnec(Hour 2b) Dr. Jeff Czarnec can’t believe what happened at a Gilford School Board meeting this week when parent Bill Baer was arrested by a Gilford police officer for violating the board’s “two-minute rule.”  Were Baer’s First Amendment Rights violated?

Absolutely, says Czarnec, and he described the chilling effect on free speech such an episode can have.  Baer was simply airing his grievances before he was escorted out in cuffs.

This “we know best” bureaucratic philosophy needs to be challenged and so do the complicit elected officials who allow it to happen.  Dave from Hooksett called in to comment.

Watch the video of Baer’s Arrest at the Gilford SB Meeting

Watch Baer’s daughter speak to the school board after his arrest.

05-09-2014 Hour 2b