Will Infantine(Hour 3b) NH State Rep Will Infantine joined us for State House Insider.  The Casino Gambling is dead.  Again.  For now.  Will it remain dead for good?  Infantine described variations on the bill and the process involved.

Infantine also called out Democrats statewide for their War on NH businesses and businesspeople.  The clarion calls by Dems against obscene profits by employers are getting old.  Why do the Democrats keep doing the exact opposite of what businesses want?

Tammy Simmons, chair of the Manchester Republican Party, called in to remind Rich about the MRC Candidate’s Forum & Cake Auction that he’s the M/C for tomorrow at 1 pm.

Infantine wrapped up the segment with a rundown of candidates either retiring or not seeking reelection at the State House, including Peter Bragdon, Donna Soucy and Terri Norelli.  Is Soucy planning on running for Mayor of Manchester?

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05-09-2014 Hour 3b