rich girard(Hour 1b c)  Rich launches our newest segment: A question of voter fraud.  Listen in for an in-depth discussion of the voter fraud investigation so far.

While our guest (Ed Naile of the Coalition for NH Taxpayers) was MIA, Rich sets the stage for this new segment by outlining his plans for those who end up convicted of committing voter fraud.  Since our interview with Weare Representative Neal Kurk yesterday, many responders to the segment feel the law is wrong.  We still have had no response from our attempts to reach State Senator Martha Fuller Clark, Patricia Kalik, or Emma Rous to hear their side of the story.

Plus, did GraniteGrok cofounders Skip Murhpy and Steve MacDonald actually find a Republican who is guilty of committing voter fraud?   It appears Debbie Romano, may have used Jeff Thurston’s 120 Pine Hill Road, Nashua residence to commit voter fraud.  A check from Senator Jeanne Shaheen for Debbie Romano’s catering service was sent to 61 Summer Street, which is not her current residence.  Regardless of party affiliation or who your uncle is, Alana Biden, if you have committed voter fraud in NH, the truth will be uncovered, with or without the help of NH Secretary of State William Gardner.  When will the NH voters realize that same day voter registration is NOT good for NH because it encourages voter fraud?

Also, find out what got State Rep. Mark Warden revved up enough to call in!


7-31-2013 Hour 1bc