We expose NH Union Leader reporter “Tabloid Ted” Siefer’s wrong reporting on Rich’s delegate election loss that DIDN’T happen because  he took Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur’s bait.  Plus:  updates on the Girard at Large Radio Show Super Secret Broadcast Location expansion, Mary calls in about sidewalk restaurant tables blocking handicapped access, Rich predicts an income tax will come from Medicaid expansion, discusses bogud reasons Gas Tax hike, discusses viewer email on how the middle class is being hurt by government, the government giveth, but never taketh entitlements, what gets people out of poverty, why NH’s job base and economy are underachieving, Ward 10 School Board Member John Avard tries to suppress the proposed Manchester teachers contract and other Right to Know issues (like the terrible situation in Timberlane and how our exposing the shenanigans of  the Litchfield School Board Chairman Dennis Miller), Hooksett-Manchester negotiations, spice, Bronstein Park,  Mayor Gatsas moves against problem properties and more!