The Greens:  Launch offensive on administration, police

The Greens: Launch offensive on administration, police

Timberlane Regional School Board Member Donna Green, who has been the target of administrator insults, harassment and bogus investigations has had enough and taken decisive action to put an end to the efforts to interfere with the execution of her duties as an elected official and criminally investigate her.  In a statement issued yesterday, Green released letters sent by her attorney to Timberlane Superintendent Earl. F dot Metzler and Lt. Bill Baldwin of the Plaistow Police Department.  On Green’s behalf, Attorney Richard Lehman raises several issues we are well acquainted with here on the Girard at Large program, ranging from the district’s improper handling of Right to Know requests to it’s lack of authority to banish Green from S A U offices without written permission from Metzler.  But there was also a new and very big bombshell with Lehman demanding the school board rescind a fifty thousand dollar contract that went to Metzler’s wife back in March without a competitive bid process and with no discussion of the contract by the board in public.  There was, surprise, surprise, a non-pubic meeting of the board, during which the matter was decided.  Lehman, citing the relevant part of the Right to Know Law said the court would likely invalidate the contract given the impropriety of the process that awarded it and told them to save the legal fees they’ll have to spend if they don’t terminate the contract.

Metzler: Wife got $50,000 contract from school district.

In the letter to Lt. Baldwin, Lehman questioned whether or not Baldwin has said the investigation will remain open indefinitely, whether or not he ordered the school district not to release the security video Green says will clear her of the criminal charges levied against her, and whether or not Baldwin understand that various of his actions involving the investigation of Green violate her rights under bot the United States and New Hampshire constitutions.

Baldwin:  Suppressing rights?

Baldwin: Suppressing rights?

Both letters make a variety of information requests under the right to know law.  In the statement accompanying the letters, Green said she regretted having to retain counsel to assist her in the ongoing battle with the school district, but, she said, the administration left her no choice.  She accused Metzler of banning her from the administration offices without his written permission to prevent her from discharging her elected duties and said their refusal to release the video that would clear her of wrong doing was little more than an attempt to hold her reputation hostage.  Lehman said it was clear that the administrations policies and practices were intended to restrict the public’s access to information and that the fact that the school board, administration and police department’s attempts to keep the public in the dark about Mrs. Green’s concerns should trouble everyone.  Click here for the Green Release and Letters.  Click here for Metzler’s wife’s contract.

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Learn how to avoid industrial hazards

The city of Manchester and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services have teamed up to offer the business community a chance to learn more about how to identify opportunities to improve resource management as a means to promote pollution prevention and cut operating costs by sponsoring a free half day educational seminar. During this presentation, industry representatives and technical experts will review and discuss proven methods that have been repeatedly used to successfully reduce chemical usage and decrease water and energy consumption.  Topics reviewed during the training session will include:  Strategies to identify and review pollution prevention; conducting energy and water audits; and a review of practices used by local industry to reduce the use of hazardous materials, improve resource utilization and cut operating costs.   Seating is limited and preregistration is required.  We’ve got the link you need to learn more and reserve your seats with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

Be prepared!

Be prepared!

In conjunction with National Preparedness Month, this Monday night,  September twenty second from 6:00 to 8:30,  the Bedford Police Department in coordination with the Bedford Community Emergency Response Team will be hosting an “Are you Prepared?” informational meeting.  There will be presentations from CERT and the Bedford Police and Fire departments.  The goal is to help prepare Bedford residents for an unexpected or unusual event, such as a flood, hurricane or  power outage.  All are welcome to attend this presentation which will take place at the Old Town Hall on  Meetinghouse Road, across from the Bedford Library.

Got drugs?

There’s another National Drug Take Back day this month and we’ve received notices from police departments in Goffstown and Bedford that they will be participating.  Chances are your local department is, too.  So, if you have any prescription drugs you want to unload, free of charge and without questions, contact your local police to see if they’re taking part in the National Drug Take Back Day, which is next Saturday, September twenty seventh from ten to two.

Manchester Academic Standards:  Opponents are gathering

Beech St. School gets literacy grant

Beech Street Elementary School in Manchester is one of four schools in the state chosen to receive a twenty five thousand dollar grant to promote literacy.  The Year of the Book grant is provided by the Children’s Literacy Foundation which helps inspire a love of reading and writing among children in New Hampshire and Vermont.  Each student will receive a free book at an event today.  In addition, there is a one-year partnership between CLiF and Beech Street will include author/illustrator visits, multi-day writing workshops, and storytelling presentations.  Grant money also will provide literacy posters, a color printer, and expenses related to a student-author day reception later this school year.

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