Bily Baer Arrested(Hour 1a, b, c) William Baer is the Gilford parent who got arrested at a May 5th School Board meeting in Gilford.  His crime?  Speaking out and violating the Board’s “Two-Minute Rule.”

Baer explains how it all began when he read Nineteen Minutes, a required reading book at Gilford High School.  He objected to the inappropriate content and to the 19 pages of questions about the book assigned to his daughter.

(Hour 1a) 05-12-2014 Hour 1a

Baer explained why he and his family chose to move to NH from NJ.  He expected a “more-liberty oriented state” than the one he moved from.

He described his meeting with the School Principal at 1pm the day of the fateful School Board meeting (they knew he was coming that night) and the “No Notice Notice” to parents about controversial reading material and salacious surveys.

Baer described the scene at the Gilford School Board meeting leading up to and including his arrest.

(Hour 1b) 05-12-2014 Hour 1b

We played two videos taken at the Gilford School Board meeting.  The first chronicled the events immediately proceeding and including William Baer’s arrest and the second showed comments to the School Board by Baer’s daughter immediately following his arrest.  Was it really necessary for Board Chair Sue Allen to push his 14 year-old daughter to reveal her street address?  Public Comment Session at Gilford SB Meeting.

What is next for William Baer?  Is he planning any legal action?  Baer also raised questions about what the book Nineteen Minutes may be suggesting to our kids.  He is deeply troubled about the book, the actions of the Gilford School District and the actions of the Gilford School Board.  “The message for parents (from the School Board) is to shut up.”

2007 letter re: Nineteen Minutes   2014 letter re: Nineteen Minutes

E-mail sent from Superintendent Kent Hemingway

From May 6th: Parent Arrested for Speaking Out at Gilford SB Meeting

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