Arrogance(Hour 2a) Eric from Manchester called in to share his experience at a gathering of Democrats at the Public Library.  Did Bill Shaheen, husband of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, really call Scott Brown a carpetbagger?

Senator Shaheen is from Missouri, does that make her a carpetbagger, too?

Our humble host was honored to be the Master of Ceremonies at a Forum of Republican candidates on Saturday and he described the event.  Were there any carpetbaggers there?

Rich ranted about the arrogance of Public School Administrators and the complicity of School Board members who seem to think they know better than parents.  Aren’t these folks supposed to serve the public trust?

Dave from Hooksett called in to recommend legal counsel to William Baer and rant along about our First Amendment rights under assault.

Fact Sheet President Obama’s Plan for Early Education for all Americans

05-12-2014 Hour 2a