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Shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

(Hours 1a,b) Rich opened the show by talking about the horrific shooting that took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana yesterday morning.  He shared a pattern of police shootings and spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement....

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Commentary on Citizen Government

(Hour 2a) Rich told us about James Sullivan, who is a part of last year’s Hooksett School Board, which won School Board of the Year.  He made his prediction about Superintendent Charles Littlefield and commented on school...

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Thank you!

(Hour 1a) This morning Rich was struck with appreciation for those who are involved in the show.  He went behind the scenes in talking about the people involved and their contributions to the show.  He also gave a little look at...

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A tribute to our fallen heroes

(Hour 1a&b) Quite simply a segment dedicated to our Fallen Soldiers, and the areas dedicated to their memory, which can be found in and around the Queen City.  We heard the story of Henry Gossler, a World War I veteran, who...

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Thank you, listeners!

(Hour 1a) The success of our open house last night was remembered in this segment.  Rich thanked everyone who participated and looks forward to the future!  We especially thank the many folks who graciously gave of their time to...

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