Bob Smith(Hour 1b, c) Bob Smith is seeking reelection to the Senate seat he once held and the polls are looking good.  Smith described why being a Country Music Republican instead of a Country Club Republican might just rue the day in NH.

On “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform, Smith was clear about it’s importance.  Smith doesn’t support Amnesty and warned Republicans about it simply paving the way for 20 million voters for the Democratic Party.  “You can’t compromise with them on this.  We can’t win compromising with them.  We need to beat ’em.  They don’t compromise.”

Smith offered his solution to border security.  Dave from Hooksett called in.

(Hour 1b) 05-20-2014 Hour 1b

Rich questioned Smith on the Veteran’s Administration Scandal in Phoenix where 40 veterans died on a care waitlist while millions in bonuses were paid to administrators.

Smith had much to say about the VA Scandal, unelected bureaucrats (who aren’t held accountable), rules of engagement and protecting the Constitution in our Republic.  “We need to fight the good fight and remove those who are doing wrong from office.”  Visit Bob Smith for US Senate

(Hour 1c) 05-20-2014 Hour 1c