Tag: Immigration Reform

Congressional Candidate Michael Callis

(Hour 1b) Rich was joined by Michael Callis, who is running for Congress as a Republican in the First District. They talked about why Michael is running, as well as what he would do if he were elected about various issues, such...

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Eva and Immigration

(Hour 1a) Eva Castillo-Turgeon kicked off the morning as our guest host! For this first segment, she discussed different issues for immigrants in the United States including fair treatment, education and career opportunities....

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Presidential Forum recap

(Hours 2a,b&c) Rich took the time to discuss the Presidential forum from last night.  He answered a call from our loyal listener Raymond who chimed in about Carly Fiorina. [soundcloud...

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No voter left behind

(Hour 3b) In this segment Rich discussed the opt out issue.  He listed a number of presidential candidates, among others, who voted against parental rights.  “We give up too soon,” Rich said.  We need to stand up for...

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