Duffley(Hour 1b, c, Hour 2a) Our #1 fan, Christopher Duffley and his father Stephen joined us to salute America’s heroes on Memorial Day.  Stephen shared information about the Eight Days of Hope, an organization that started in 2005 to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Christopher sang the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

(Hour 1b) 05-26-2014 Hour 1b

Christopher Duffley relieved Rich of his hosting duties and we talked more about the Eight Days of Hope: the volunteers, man hours involved and what they’ve accomplished.

Steve explained the devastation in Waveland, Mississippi and an upcoming trip.  Also, organizations receiving FEMA funds discouraging the efforts of volunteers.  REALLY?  Really.  Mike Lopez makes a quick announcement in between 21 Gun Salutes to share some great info with our listeners!

(Hour 1c) 05-26-2014 Hour 1c

Christopher Duffley assumes complete control.  Welcome to Duffley at Large!  Our #1 fan sang a couple of patriotic songs.

Mike Lopez called in from Sweeney Park for their 21-gun salute.

(Hour 2a) 05-26-2014 Hour 2a

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