Chief John Velleca(Hour 1b, c) Weare Police Chief John Velleca joined us for an extended interview this morning.  He began his career with the police department in New Haven, CT and took the job in Weare in November, 2013.

Velleca had much to say about the department as he found it and the changes that have been implemented in his seven months on the job.

How have the changes been received by the officers and the town?

(Hour 1b) 06-02-2014 Hour 1b

Velleca answered questions about the “poorly planned, poorly executed” drug bust gone bad that made statewide news.

What is being done to prevent such an incident in the future?

Brian from Weare called in to comment on the “black eye” to the community left by the previous regime.  Were the black eyes due to corruption or incompetence?

Velleca claimed that both were to blame and he described the benchmarks for future success.

(Hour 1c) 06-02-2014 Hour 1c