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Dunphy Files for NH Senate in District 18

School Board Member Kicks Off Grassroots Campaign

Dunphy:  Running in District 18

Dunphy: Running in District 18

MANCHESTER (June 6, 2014) – Manchester Ward 6 resident and current School Board Member Robyn Dunphy filed for District 18 State Senate seat today. Dunphy, who comes from both a teaching and finance background, will bring the same fiscal restraint, concern for constituents, and commitment to asking tough questions on behalf of the district to Concord.

“I have had the great honor of serving the people of Ward 6 and the taxpayers of Manchester on the city’s School Board. I have proposed legislation that save taxpayers money, fought to provide greater accountability to the citizens of the district, and maintaining the standards our students deserve,” Dunphy said. “My plan is to bring this same approach to the State Senate for the citizens of Manchester Wards 5-9 and Litchfield to ensure out state maintains a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Dunphy was elected to the Manchester School District Ward 6 position in 2013, beating a sitting incumbent. “I have a proven record of constituent service: returning phone calls, being active on social media, and attending meetings on behalf of my constituents,” Dunphy said. “State Senate District 18 deserves this sort of commitment from its representative to Concord.”

Dunphy will run on a platform of fiscal responsibility, job creation, and understanding the needs of her district, just like she does as a member of the School Board. “What makes the New Hampshire Advantage? Low taxes, limited spending, safe communities, and enduring our policies are a facilitator for job creation,” Dunphy said. “As a fiscal conservative and proud mom, I will ensure our taxes remain low, work with state and local officials to help bring jobs to Manchester and Litchfield, and be an unflinching supporter of our public safety officials.”

During the coming weeks, Robyn will begin her listening tour across District 18. “In 2013, I went door-to-door in ward 6, listened to the concerns and voices of my constituents and upset a well-funded incumbent,” Dunphy said. “I have a three new pairs of walking shoes and I look forward to hitting the neighborhoods and hearing the concerns of the residents of Manchester and Litchfield.”