Natalie Brankin(Hour 1b, c) Natalie Brankin has resided in Manchester her entire life.  A graduate of  Providence College with a Masters degree in education, she is currently a Math teacher with serious questions and concerns about the Manchester Academic Standards.  Read Brankin’s email

Brankin explained how the developmentally inappropriate “Common Core Quality” standards encourage students to, “BS their way through Math.”

(Hour 1b) 06-09-2014 Hour 1b

Brankin discussed college admission requirements and how Common Core will be, “Shutting the door on a great number of students.”

“Involving parents shouldn’t be a problem,” says Brankin, “if they truly believe that Common Core standards are the best.”

Brankin also discussed the development of standards by mathematicians that work, how Common Core tries to reinvent the wheel and responses (or lack of them) to her e-mail inquiries to the City of Manchester.

(Hour 1c) 06-09-2014 Hour 1c