Ward 12 Alderman Keith Hirschmann ripped Board of Assessors Chairman Robert Gagne after receiving a copy of a memo Gagne sent to the aldermen and various city officials with information about how to address questions asked by those affected by the changes recently made to various exemptions.  Hirschmann, who receives the disability property tax exemption on his property, expressed his disapproval with the changes at the time they were made, abstained on the vote that made the changes to the disability exemption.

Click here for the Gagne’s memo.  Below is Hirschmann’s email response, unedited.


From: Hirschmann,Keith
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2014 8:04 PM
To: Gagne,Robert
Cc: Asselin, Alexander; Boissonneault, Doreen; Hurley,Michael; Kurfehs,Charles; Provencher, Lee Ann; Turner, Lisa; Ald FYI All; Mayor; Piatt,Samantha; Perry,Carrie; Harte, Patricia; Masewic, Brenda
Subject: Re: FAQ’s on exemption changes

Dear Mr Gagne , in response to your letter you seem to have left out the most important facts

1) the Mayor asked you to come up with revenue ideas and you reported back to the committee on administration that disabled exemptions were too rich in your opinion and that you would research other communities ~ this is all on you. This was nothing more than a revenue grab.

2) you were extremely callous with respect to the disabled spouses who need to earn income to pay medical expenses and mortgages , where seniors are different as their mortgages are paid off, you recommended that spouse earn less than a thousand a week  , try that.

3) now that the heat is on you are blaming Aldermen who were duped by you . That is hypocrisy
At least admit that you were complicit in harming this class of people. Don’t be surprised when this issue rears its head back at our board as this can be reconsidered to correct your reccomendations.


From the desk of Alderman Keith Hirschmann