Dan Lageuex(Hour 2b) Dan Lagueux of NE’s Tap House Grille in Hooksett was braggin’ a bit this morning.  When you sell alot of beer, the buying power that goes along with it affords you the ability to get the rare, really good stuff.

Beers like Kentucky Breakfast Stout are hard to find.  Not at the Tap House!  Lagueux got us up to speed on upcoming events.

Calling in for the segment was John DeMarco of the Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster, MA.  They’re not affilliated with the famous ski mountain, although they have a terrific business relationship.

DeMarco told us about the 15 styles of beers they brew year round while Rich & Dan tasted their famous Blueberry Ale and Green Monsta.  We also heard about their big 20 year celebration on Saturday.

06-11-2014 Hour 2b