Doris Hohensee(Hour 3b, c) Doris Hohensee, Chairman of NH Families for Education, is challenging incumbent Betty Lasky in the NH State Senate.  Why?

“Because (Lasky’s) not picking up the ball on Common Core.  She is not protecting our teachers.  She is not protecting our students.  She is not protecting our schools.  So I’m either going to further the debate or get in there… to further the debate.”

Obviously not an advocate for Common Core, Hohensee gave us her advice on how to combat the intimidation tactics being practiced by the “burdened by government process” educrats.

(Hour 3b) 06-19-2014 Hour 3b

What can parents do about a process that hasn’t exactly welcomed them?

Hohensee prescribed the best approach to combat the “congnitively inappropriate” Common Core.  She also had a recommendation for Mayor Ted Gatsas to “slow down” NH DOE Commissioner Virginia Barry.

Hohensee called out NH administrators from Concord to Manchester for lying to us and saluted good moms from across the state who are running for office, “To take education back.”  Visit NH Families for Education on Facebook

(Hour 3c) 06-19-2014 Hour 3c