Mayor Ted Gatsas(Hour 3b, c) Mayor Ted Gatsas is down 55 pounds.  He revealed how he’s dropped the weight.  And the bad habits.

No more bacon?!!

Gatsas discussed the City’s cable contract.  Should we be negotiating with Comcast or putting the contract out to bid?

It’s an issue that is complicated by infrastructure costs.  And federal control.

(Hour 3b) 07-01-2014 Hour 3b

Rich asked the Mayor about institutional low income housing.  Why not the private sector instead of federal funded programs?

A debate ensued about local landlords competing on an unlevel playing field.

On diminishing federal grants for more police officers, Gatsas asked,  “How are we going to pay for it?”

Gatsas commented on requested improvements to the Valley Street railroad, trails behind the old Shaw’s on South Willow Street and businesses trying to stay in business in Manchester.

We also heard about the City’s Fourth of July Weekend events!

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(Hour 3c) 07-01-2014 Hour 3c