Tag: Jane Cormier

Job Troubles and the Weekend Weather

(Hour 3a) Guest host Susan Olsen of the Women’s Defense League spoke to Senator Bob Clegg and Jane Cormier of NH Right to Life about the state of the economy.  They pointed out the difficulty in getting jobs and discussed...

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Piccola Opera

(Hour 3c) We talked to Jane Cormier of the Piccola Opera, she shared everything there is to know about the world of Opera. She also promoted an event she will be having this weekend, and finished off with a small number.  ...

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Elections in Districts 16 & 18

(Hour 2a) Rich spoke about Presidential politics.  He talked about Donald Trump and what he has been up to.  We then heard about the upcoming primaries in District 16 and District 18.  Finally, he told us about who’s...

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