Bob Heghmann(Hour 1b, c) Bob Heghmann is a candidate for the Republican nomination to the US Senate.

He is concerned about the lack of urgency among the GOP in dealing with the horrendous situation in Washington in regards to our debt and the value of the U.S. dollar.

“We are witnessing the total corruption of United States currency.”

Heghmann claims what’s happening now is the mirror image to what happened in Germany in the 1920’s, and he cited the inaccurate government calculations on GDP and inflation.

Bob also had a very interesting take on Obamacare and discussed his one-page fix.

(Hour 1b) 07-29-2014 Hour 1b

Two of Heghmann’s top priorities: creating jobs and balancing the federal budget in two years.

How would he go about doing that?  “By taking a chainsaw to the Federal Bureaucracy,” said Bob, and he ran down a list of Federal Departments he would cut.

Heghmann also addressed regulatory & tax reform and restructuring the Federal Reserve.

(Hour 1c) 07-29-2014 Hour 1c