Steven Grant(Hour 1b) Steven Grant explained the “unbreakable,” hacker-proof authentication & verification system they’ve invented at WWPass.

Did you hear about the over 1 billion accounts that got compromised by Russian hackers?  Proof, says Grant, that hackers are getting smarter and finding creative ways to crack our outdated password technology.  Tune in for the details.

Read the WWPass Press Release below.

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Here’s the press release they sent with the details and all that!

Press Release
 August 4, 2014Contact: 
E.J. Powers
603.644.3200 x11

WWPass Introduces Hacker-Proof Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication
and Privacy Protection System for Business

WWPass® PassKey™ for Mobile combines unparalleled multi-factor authentication security with the convenience of a smartphone; Technology safeguards sensitive data and user privacy by eliminating usernames and passwords


Manchester, NH – Combining unmatched security and convenience, WWPass® has launched a mobile version of its patented, unbreakable, cloud-based, multi-factor authentication and privacy protection system. WWPass technology encrypts user data, fragments and disperses it across 12 separate global locations in the cloud, making it inaccessible to identity thieves, producing an unmatched level of security. Instead of providing a username and password to retrieve the data and access secure networks and servers, users connect a physical PassKey token to the USB port or NFC reader to authenticate. With PassKey for Mobile, Android mobile device users can turn their device into a mobile token via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology for the most secure, multi-factor authentication available on the market today.“WWPass has completely changed the way information is protected and stored, ensuring users never have to worry about hackers getting their hands on private files and information,” said Steven Grant, Vice President of Operations for WWPass. “PassKey for Mobile creates a reliable multi-factor authentication solution that is impervious to interception, operates regardless of mobile service connection, and ensures timely access.”Unlike other available solutions, neither the physical PassKey token nor PassKey for Mobile contains any personal data. Instead, the PassKey, both the mobile version and the hard version, trigger WWPass’ patented cloud technology, accessing the fragmented, encrypted and dispersed data. The technology is so secure WWPass itself does not have access to any of the information – providing a completely secure solution. With a single universal WWPass PassKey, users can use one key to open many doors and access private networks, web portals, email and applications without the need for numerous, antiquated and vulnerable username and password pairs.“While there are numerous solutions that enable two-factor authentication on smartphones, most are using the same antiquated OTP (one-time password) technology and send the password as a text message using SMS,” Grant said. “OTP itself is susceptible to man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks. SMS solutions only work when a mobile has cellular service and are susceptible to delays in message delivery. Since PassKey for Mobile does not require cellular service, users know they are safe from hackers.”According to Grant, unlike SMS solutions, WWPass does not need to know user’s mobile phone numbers. When the user creates the mobile token, they provide only an email address. The email is only used for token recovery should the user lose or replace his or her mobile device.WWPass offers two multi-factor solutions for businesses: Pro Edition and Standard Edition. The Standard Edition features access to PassKey for Mobile for $1 per user per month, and the Pro Edition features the PassKey for Mobile, as well as a full set of PassKeys and the ability to manage multiple tokens for $3 per user per month. Users can visit to learn how to download the app and activate the service through WWPass.After downloading PassKey for Mobile and the WWPass Security Pack, users can also take advantage of WWPass’ BlackBook Password Manager, digitally sign and encrypt emails via Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, and set up secure Virtual Private Networks at no cost.PassKey for Mobile is currently available in Google Play and accessible at A version for Apple’s iOS operating system is also in development and will be available in the coming months.About WWPassWWPass serves the multi-factor authentication and secure storage markets with its proprietary, anonymous third generation authentication and fragmented, dispersed cloud storage services. WWPass services combine privacy, security and convenience and improve them for both application and user enabling customers to meet compliance requirements and heightened security levels in order to reduce risk. WWPass is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information, please visit