Free Lunch OMH(Hour 2a, b, c)

(Hour 2a) No such thing as a free lunch?  Maybe not much longer in Manchester.

Rich kicked off our “Free Lunch” conversation with his observations from last night’s School Board meeting on debate over a new federal program that would provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, whether they need it or not.

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(Hour 2b) What could be more disturbing than the perverse incentives of the “Free Lunch for Everyone” program?

How about the data supplied on students by state agencies?  No need to fill out an application anymore – they’ve got the information on your kids already.


(Hour 2c) We covered a bit of Hot Lunch History in honor of the vacationing James Patrick Riley of Courage, NH.

The numbers of those signing up for free lunches is increasing… to unsustainable numbers.  What is happening to our City?