Arthur & Donna Green

Arthur & Donna Green

The Timberlane Regional School District issued their formal letter of censure against School Board member Donna Green, the “wasted representative” as referred to by Superintendent Earl Metzler.

Rich defended his “pet name” for Super Earl in calling out Metzler’s outrageous behavior before reading the astonishingly outrageous letter in his exasperated, out loud radio voice.

Tune in for the “Oh My HEAD!” details.  You won’t believe your ears.

Click here to read Donna’s blog, which contains the Letter of Censure and her response.

Click here to read the Letter of Censure.

Scroll down below the archive to read her reply.

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Donna Green responds to TRSB’s Letter of Censure.

I was recently given the honor of being named Sandown Citizen of the Year for my public service.

Despite what this board claims, the real reason for my censure is that this board doesn’t respect my right to express contrary opinions and you have done everything in your power to suppress the concerns of my constituents for whom I speak.

It is easier for you to call my opinions wrong than it is for you to address them honestly.

  • It is easier for you to abdicate your responsibility to oversee the finances and to pass every last shred of responsibility to a single administrator than to think and make the hard decisions on behalf of the taxpayers who put their trust in you.
  • It is easier for you to denounce me than to examine yourselves.

There is a fundamental irresponsibility that pervades this assembly. The people of Sandown know your spending is out of control. They know it is unsustainable to increase spending at record levels while enrollment plummets.

My call for greater disclosure of information, adherence to budget law and better fiscal responsibility has spurred members of this body think it is acceptable to write grotesquely unconstitutional School Board rules to silence me, to violate your own policy to suppress my communications with the board, to use public humiliation in the form of censure, to issue unfounded no trespass orders and to call upon friends in the police department to try to intimidate me.

These are assaults on the people of Sandown and expose this board’s dangerous arrogance and malice.

I am not going away and I am not changing my behavior because the people of Sandown need their voices heard. It is you who have to change. I will wear this censure as a badge of honor until you do.