Littlefield:  Meeting was technically posted

Littlefield: Meeting was technically posted

During an explanation of events regarding the Hooksett School Board yesterday, I, your evidently mistaken host, said a meeting of its negotiations committee with Manchester Superintendent Debra Livingston was not noticed to the public and therefore held in violation of the Right to Know Law.  As it turns out, the meeting was posted as an Emergency Meeting, with an eight and a half by eleven piece of paper hung somewhere in the Underhill School, Cawley Middle School and the S A U Office around two o’clock on August twenty seventh, well less than twenty four hours before the ten A M meeting on the next day.

Livingston:  Hooksett left her in the dark

Livingston: Hooksett left her in the dark

Hooksett Superintendent Charles Littlfield, in response to our inquiries, did not answer why the meeting was called using the Emergency Meeting provisions of the law and said that up to three members of the public may have been able to attend the meeting in the S A U office.  He also said a member of the committee took notes of the meeting and that they don’t have a clerk other than a board member typically take minutes at subcommittee meetings, nor do they record them.  When asked how the public was to know of this meeting given that it was posted in schools that hadn’t opened yet and that the media wasn’t notified, nor was it posted to their Web site, Littlefield replied the meeting was more than adequately posted and that he didn’t believe they’d ever posted committee meetings on their Web site.  Unanswered was the question about media notification.  We’ll have more to say about this during this morning’s show.

Foley:  Whopping scandal

Foley: Whopping scandal

Girard at Large has received disturbing information regarding District Nineteen State Senate Candidate Jim Foley, Republican from Derry.  Seems that Foley, who often cites his service in the Marine Corps, was less than honorably discharged in nineteen eighty seven for a variety of offenses, including lying on government forms, drug use, forgery and more.  It appears as if he never actually finished Officer Candidate School to even be considered a Marine.  He was disbarred from the practice of law by the New Hampshire Supreme Court that same year for the aforementioned offenses as well as identity theft.  It also appears he was nabbed by the FBI which said he was “knowingly and willfully” involved in defrauding the M C B Federal Credit Union in Virginia.

Morin:  Broke Foley scandal

Morin: Broke Foley scandal

Girard at Large Political Buzz Anchor Kimberly Morin tipped us off to the information, which was originally posted to the Windham Town Republican Committee Web site, this week.  The information was pulled from the site within twenty four hours, but not before it was downloaded by Morin who sent it to us and wrote about it on her Blog at Examiner dot com.  Girard at Large has learned that this information was provided to the campaign of Foley primary rival Derry State Rep. Frank Sapareto and to Union Leader reporter Dan Tuohy.  Sources tell Girard at Large it was Sapareto campaign manager Brinck Slattery who posted the information to the Windam G O P Web site, though they did not originate the information and say they don’t know who gave it to them.  Girard at Large has confirmed the disbarment and the less than honorable discharge.

Baldasaro to Foley:  Provide proof or apologize to vets and drop out of race

Baldasaro to Foley: Provide proof or apologize to vets and drop out of race

We have yet to confirm that Union Leader reporter Tuohy received the information as claimed, though we are trying.  The Union Leader endorsed Foley’s candidacy and our information is that Tuohy received this material before that endorsement was made.  Foley did not return our call requesting an interview.  Retired Marine and Londonderry State Rep. Al Baldasaro will be our guest this morning to provide additional details on Foley’s apparently fraudulent claims to serving in the Marines in the six o’clock hour.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Smith:  Standing tall after debate

Smith: Standing tall after debate

The G O P candidates for U S Senate had their big televised debate last night and it was one to watch.  Frankly, I’m really not sure what to write about it.  Both former Senator Bob Smith and former State Senator Jim Rubens hammered away at Senator Scott Brown’s seemingly ever shifting positions on a variety of issues, including Obamacare, immigration, global warming and the Second Amendment.

Rubens to Brown:  No slithering around 2nd Amendment

Rubens to Brown: No slithering around 2nd Amendment

Brown’s response to a question regarding his support for a ban on assault weapons drew particular ire from the candidates and confusion from the questioner as Smith looked across the dais and said “There you go again, you didn’t get an answer to your question” and Rubens told Brown “you can’t just slither around the Second Amendment.”  Questioner Josh Rogers had to ask additional questions to clarify whether or not Brown had supported an assault weapons ban in the past, which he did, and if would support an assault weapons ban in the future.

Brown:  Political Shape Shifter?

Brown: Political Shape Shifter?  Going canoing.

Brown restated he would not propose any new legislation regarding guns and that if the ban was proposed, he would hold town hall meetings to see what people wanted.  On the issues, Smith stood alone on a variety of issues, including a fierce advocacy of his pro-Life record, desire to completely scrap Obamacare, deport illegal aliens, and deny that global warming was man made.    We’ll have more chat about this this morning.

In a related story, Brown’s campaign issued a media advisory noting he will canoe the Contoocook River today.

Cormier:  Will be "Roll Call Queen"

Cormier: Will be “Roll Call Queen”

District 16 State Senate Candidate Jane Cormier, Republican of Hooksett said if she’s elected, the days of voice votes in the New Hampshire Senate are gone.  In an interview on Girard at Large Television Show last night, Cormier said she’ll be known as the roll call queen, saying the practice of allowing non-recorded votes on issues before the senate has allowed senators to hide their positions on any number of vital issues before the senate, making them unaccountable to their constituents.  Cormier is in a primary with incumbent David Boutin, Republican of Hooksett, to represent that town, Bow, Candia and Dunbarton as well as Manchester Wards 1, 2 & 12.

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