(Hours 10 – 15)

(Hour 10) Pastor Ron Tannariello and Karen Testerman joined Rich & Sid Glassner in studio.  They discussed Common Core, the Manchester Academic Standards and Mayor Gatsas’ letter to NH DOE Commissioner Virginia Barry.  Is Mayor Gatsas part of the problem or the situation in Manchester?

Candidate for Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler joined us in our Amherst studio.

(Hour 11) Katharine Prudhomme-O’Brien called in to discuss “Drama in Derry.”  US Senate candidate Bob Smith joined us in our super secret studios to discuss the campaign and the issues that matter most to him.  Coalition of NH Taxpayer’s Chairman Ed Naile joins our panel.

(Hour 12) Jim Lawrence called in.  Jon DiPietro called in to explain the problems with an abortion protester in front of St. Pius Church in Manchester’s Ward 6 with a HUGE sign.  Mary from Manchester called in her concerns with the graphic nature of the sign.

Merrimack Town Councilor Bill Boyd joined us in studio.

(Hour 13) Our panel discussed the Union Leader endorsement of Jim Foley, despite scandalous knowledge of the candidate by reporter Dan Tuohy.  Also, other “conservative” endorsements of the NH newspaper.

NH Senate candidate George Lambert called in the details on his confrontation with the abortion protestor in Ward 6.

(Hour 14) Local election returns began to trickle in.  Our field reporters and panel did their best to keep up.  Kimberly Morin joined our panel to discuss Bill Greiner’s dirty politics in Bedford and “crap sandwich” Republican candidates.

(Hour 15) The returns came in.  The races were called.  Our panel offered their controversial opinions.