Eileen Landies(Hour 1b, c)

(Hour 1b) Eileen Landies is a GOP candidate for NH Senate in District 20.  She’s challenging incumbent Senator Lou D’Allesandro.

Landies talked about the bad legislation supported by Democrats and the reckless spending that will result in higher taxes for NH taxpayers.  And NH businesses.

“You can’t be pro-jobs and anti-business.  It just doesn’t work, ” said Landies and she explained why she believes reigning in spending, taxes and regulation will create job opportunities in NH.

Landies gave us her take on Common Core and smarter balanced assessment tests being imposed on us by the US Department of Education.

(Hour 1c) On the issue of expanded gambling, Landies explained her support for “Free Market” Gambling.

Landies also addressed the issues of NH Medicaid Expansion, Voter ID, Voter Fraud, and the public’s Right to Know.  Learn more at Landies4NH.com