Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c)

(Hour 1b) The election laws in NH are simple.  Enforcing them?  Well, that’s another story. And it’s the reason why fraudulent voters like Alana Biden and Michelle Bensignor are  able to cast a ballot in our state.

Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers joined us for a special installment of A Question of Voter Fraud this morning.

Recent public comments by NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner to Drew Cline of the Manchester Union Leader confirm to Naile that his 15 year quest to to suppress NH Voter Fraud may finally be bearing fruit. Secretary Gardner mentions also he also witnessed voter fraud by AmeriCorps workers in the 2008 election.

Ed recaps his meeting with Secretary Gardner requesting NH be added to the consortium of 28 states sharing information on interstate voter fraud. The question is, will he sign it?

Watch our interview with Secretary Gardner on YouTube NH Voter ID Law (10/12/2012)

(Hour 1c) Rich explained how he’s personally testing the enforcers of our election laws and elaborated on the problem of people voting here who don’t live here. And challenged the notion that providing proof at the ballot box is “suppression.”  He also mentioned how Secretary Gardner may be putting himself at odds with the NH Attorney General’s office if he speaks out and takes necessary actions to eliminate voter fraud.

Rich also explains how Walt Havenstein may have gotten himself in trouble.