Ronald Peik(Hour 2c, 3a)

(Hour 2c) Ronald Peik of Alpine Environmental Inc came in for a different kind of history segment.

What began as a lead paint abatement company has transformed.  They now find themselves in demand for the rehabilitation of historic homes & buildings all over New England.

Peik’s work has been featured on This Old House.  That’s what happens when you do a great job for one of the show’s producers!

Some of those historic homes used lead paint.  Peik discussed the many factors where kids, and adults, can get lead poisoning.

(Hour 3a) Ronald Peik gave us more background on his company.  Not an alarmist, he educated us on how to be “lead safe” and explained why we shouldn’t sweat the costs of being “lead free.”

Sounds like some great advice for Aldermanic Boards!

Also, why boys are more at risk than girls and the most dangerous issues when removing old paint.  Sponsored by Courage NH