Heidi Samson

Heidi Hilgartner Sampson

(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Heidi Sampson is a member of the Maine State Board of Education and a co-founder of No Common Core Maine.

Sampson answered questions from Sid Glassner about what’s happening in her state.

In stark contrast to the ME BOE Chairman (who believes Common Core is just wonderful), Sampson described the dog & pony shows CC proponents have put on while she and other opponents have mobilized against.

Opponents’ efforts have caught the attention of Governor Paul LePage.  Once an advocate, LePage admits to “being duped” and now opposes Common Core.

(Hour 3c) Glassner asked Sampson about blind acceptance by Public Educators of federal government initiatives like Common Core and No Child Left Behind.  A situation Sid finds frightening.

Sampson shared Sid’s sentiments and called out CC as an untested experiment on kids.  Sampson shared her disgust for a “absurd and intellectually dishonest” panel to study Common Core standards that was scheduled to meet over six weeks and wrapped up business in less than eight hours.  Their actions incensed Sampson.

An All-Star cast of Common Core opponents will be meeting on Saturday, October 25th from 9am to 5pm in York, Maine at the American Legion Post 56.  Seating is limited, please pre-register at NE Fall-Out from Common Core.

Sid Glassner offered his final thoughts on digital books vs. old-fashioned paper books.  Books still reign supreme!