Shea Porter: Just a teeny, tiny tax...

Shea Porter: Just a teeny, tiny tax.  It’s only about this big.

First District Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has thrown her weight behind a new financial transaction tax.  A financial transaction tax would apply to trades made by, among others, individuals managing investment funds such as 4 0 1 (k), retirement savings plans, college savings plans, and a significant amount of other intermediaries whose customers are typically moderate-income individuals.  In a recent debate, Shea-Porter referred to it as a quote “very, very  tiny trading tax on Wall Street.”  That might hit all the populist touch points and sound good, but that’s a bad idea.  Bad enough that G O P challenger Frank Guinta issued a statement saying quote “A financial transaction tax of the nature she proposes would put the dream many families have of providing a college education for their children out of reach.  It would affect anyone trying to save a little extra for retirement.  It would hurt anyone trying to save to put a down payment on their home.  In short, a financial transaction tax would put the American dream out of reach for millions of middle class families.”  End quote.

Havenstein: Closing in on Hassan

Havenstein: Closing in on Hassan

Too close to call.  That’s what a poll released last night by UMass Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion in conjunction with 7 News in Boston said not  just about the race for U S Senate here in New Hampshire, but also the race for governor.   The poll gives incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Health Care Queen, a forty nine to forty six percent edge over G O P rival Senator Scott Brown.  Incumbent Governor Margaret Wood Hassan is ahead of Republican rival Walt Havenstein forty nine percent to forty five.  The poll of nine hundred randomly selected individuals concludes that Brown’s biggest liability is whether or not he knows enough about New Hampshire to represent it in the Senate.  We think another problem for Brown is that only eighty four percent of Republicans in the poll say they’re supporting him, while ninety three percent of Democrats are supporting Shaheen.  Havenstein’s biggest problem appears to be that three in 10 likely voters polled said they have never heard of or have no opinion of him.  Eighty percent of those polled in each party said they will vote straight tickets in November.  We’ve linked to the poll from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  For those interested in the congressional races, Real Clear Politics has moved the Second District congressional race from “Leans Democrat” to “Toss Up,” where the First District race has been for some time.

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Foster: Turn no "voter" away

Foster: Turn no “voter” away

“CAUTION: Under no circumstances should an applicant be turned away at the time and place of registration. Applicants who do not have documentation with them to establish their qualifications should not be told to go get such documentation. Rather, they must be given the opportunity to prove their eligibility by swearing to the Election Day registration form.”

That’s what a memorandum from the Attorney General’s Office to election officials around the state has to say about same day registrants at the polls on Election Day.  As if that’s not enough, the memorandum also says this:

Naile: Can't be liking this...

Naile: Can’t be liking this…

“CAUTION: Under no circumstances should a voter be turned away at the time and place of check-in because they do not posses sufficient photo identification. If a voter is unable to present photo identification when checking in to vote, they shall not be told to go get such identification. Rather, they must be given the opportunity to sign a challenged voter affidavit. Election officials should not in any way suggest to a voter that they must have a photo identification to vote. Thus, there should be no mention of photo identification to voters in or around the polling place until they are with the ballot clerks. Likewise, there should be no signage displayed at the polling place or on its grounds, regarding photo identification requirements, other than what has been distributed by the Secretary of State.”

Gardner: Only materials from his office can be used says AG

Gardner: Only materials from his office can be used says AG

Oh, and if you want to challenge someone you don’t believe is qualified to vote, which is your right to do under the law, the A G has this to say about a challenge based on where someone lives:  Quote:

“Basis for Domicile Challenges: The challenger must assert either specific source of the information or personal knowledge that a person is not domiciled with that particular town or ward. A challenge based upon the length of the person’s domicile is not a valid challenge. The courts have consistently ruled that there is no minimum period of time that a person has to have been domiciled within the town or ward in order to vote. Similarly, the fact that a person intends to move in the future does not in itself present a valid basis to challenge a voter.”

Rich Girard

Vote: Don’t let the SOBs win without a fight!

We provide this information as a public service to those of you who don’t think your vote counts.  Despite the best efforts of this state to ensure that voter fraud can run rampant, it is my hope that those of you who are legit and sick of this stuff will turn out in droves to bury the people and the party that keeps serving up this crap to deprive us of our vote and voice.  It is we who live here that are entitled to elect the people who will represent us.  Those who are here for temporary purposes and who wish to vote in our state to elect representation that reflects their desires, should vote in that place to which they return when their work, school or other business here is done.  We’ve posted the A G’s memo to election officials in its entirety with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  Caution:  Read it with a barf bag or otherwise be near the throne when you do so.  Attorney General Guidance – 2014 State General Election

School kids Halloween parade announced in Goffstown

School kids Halloween parade announced in Goffstown

On Friday, October 31, the Goffstown schools will be celebrating Halloween with their annual parade.  Starting at approximately 1:15 pm, students from Maple Avenue and Bartlett elementary schools as well as local kindergartens will be marching through town to celebrate the holiday.  The Goffstown High School Marching Band will also participate in this festive event. The parade starts at Maple Avenue Elementary School and will last approximately thirty to forty-five minutes.  There will be no vehicle traffic allowed through downtown Goffstown during the parade.

Merrimack Halloween Fun Night tonight!

Merrimack Halloween Fun Night tonight!

Merrimack’s annual Halloween Fun Night is tonight from 5-8 PM at Wasserman Park.  There’s plenty to see and do, including the movie “Ghostbusters” following the event at 8:00. There will be contests for best costumes (10 Boys & Girls children’s Bicycles will be given away!); Trick-or-Treat giveaways from Merrimack P D & Crimeline, and plenty more!  For more information see the Parks & Rec Press Release or visit our Facebook event page.  We’ve linked to both from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

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