Hooksett Chief Bartlett: Looking for attempted sexual assault assailant

The Hooksett Police Department is investigating the attempted sexual assault of an eleven year old girl.  At five P M this past Friday, October 24th, officers responded to a single family residence in the eleven hundred block of Hooksett Road where the girl told police that she was behind her home when confronted by an unknown male, described as black or Hispanic, approximately forty years old, six feet to six foot three with short brown and white hair, wearing black shorts with white stripes down the sides and a white Salvation Army tank top.  The girl said the man exposed his genitals to her and attempted to lift up her shirt.  She was able to get away.  The Manchester Police Department conducted a K-9 search, which lead to the area of Carrington Farms before the trail went cold.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Hooksett Police Department at 6 2 4 1 5 6 0.  The department is urging residents to call if they witness any suspicious person(s) or activities in their neighborhoods.

Brown:  Gets endorsements

Brown: Gets endorsements

In a sign that momentum is shifting his way as the final full week of the two thousand fourteen campaign comes upon us, Senator Scott Brown has received two major newspaper endorsements.  Over the weekend both the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, the top daily and Sunday newspaper in Rockingham County and the Nashua Telegraph endorsed Brown.  The Eagle Trib wrote quote “Having won her Senate seat on a promise of independence, (Senator Jeanne) Shaheen soon found it expedient not to exercise any independent thought at all, voting the Democratic Party line in lockstep with President Obama…Unquestioning support of the Obama administration by Shaheen and her fellow Democrats has turned the Environmental Protection Agency into an enforcer of mandates that the president could not get through Congress. The result has increased our dependence on natural gas — in short supply in New England winters — for power generation. Once again, the middle class will pay the price with electricity rates set to skyrocket 40 to 50 percent this winter.”  End quote.  For its part, the Telegraph wrote, quote:  “…Shaheen has had a long run as a New Hampshire politician: six years as governor and coming up on six years in the Senate.  She knows the state well, but that is not to say she has served it particularly well by marching in lockstep with her party and the president.  That is where the senator has lost her way.  New Hampshire’s next senator should be someone who is willing to work across the aisle, not an ideologue who consistently sides with her party…There is no disputing that Washington is broken. Sen. Shaheen has had six years to be part of the solution, and it’s not clear she has been.”  End quote.  They said they thought Brown would be better given his record as the most bi-partisan member of the senate during his recent two year stint from Massachusetts.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

The NH Tea Party CoalitionNew Hampshire Tea Party Coalition has issued a statement warning Granite Staters to beware impostors using its name.  They say it has come to their attention that a group from outside New Hampshire calling itself “Tea Party Patriots” has been conducting a door-to-door campaign endorsing candidates in N H.  Residents should be advised that “Tea Party Patriots” is not a legitimate tea party organization but a G O P PAC established in two thousand nine using the name of the movement popularized in two thousand seven. “Tea Party Patriots” they say was started by G O P fundraisers and consultants and has successfully extracted money from unsuspecting conservatives who have no idea that most of the money goes for office overhead and the salaries of the GOP operatives who run the group.  Groups such as “Tea Party Patriots,”  “Tea Party Express” and others, do not have any organization in New Hampshire and that “(t)he legitimate tea party is a movement with a mission that focuses on issues and will never run, fund or endorse candidates.  Residents who found a door card proclaiming that the ‘tea party’ endorses a particular candidate should be wary of these well-funded operatives who come from outside New Hampshire.”  (All emphasis in quotes is in the original.)  We’ve linked to their entire release with all the details.

Havenstein:  Hits "economy of walking dead" as unfair to youth

Havenstein: Hits “economy of walking dead” as unfair to youth

New Hampshire’s earned the distinction of being the worst state in the union for young adults, according to an article recently published by Money Rates dot com.  That has drawn the attention of G O P gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein, whose own son left the state to find economic opportunity not long ago.  He used the article to drub the economic policies of incumbent Governor Margaret Wood Hassan.  The study ranked the states based on tuition costs, rental costs, rental availability, and youth unemployment, among others.  The report says the Granite State is the quote unquote ‘number one’ most hostile environment for young adults.  Havenstein, who will be our guest tomorrow morning. said quote “Our young people are either facing tremendous hardships or, as is more often the case, are leaving the state to find work elsewhere…New Hampshire’s youth deserve better than another two years under Maggie Hassan’s walking dead economy.”

Metzler:  Another whopping budget increase proposed.

Metzler: Another whopping budget increase proposed.

The proposed Timberlane Regional School District budget is up eleven and a half percent over the current year.  During budget deliberations last week, the S A U School Board added an additional employee and awarded a three point seven five merit pool increase.  “Suck it up and be happy.  This is the SAU hearing the message of the voters in March,” wrote school board member Donna Green, in a blog post we’ve linked to on the topic.  She also posted an article about how the board’s Facilities Committee spent one point one million dollars in ninety minutes flat and provided a narrative with video clips of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Superintendent Earl “Megalo” Metzler and other staff member presentations to the board.  This is stuff you’ve just got to see to believe.  Also, Green’s husband Arthur, a member of the Budget Committee, made a presentation demonstrating his belief that that the district is carrying seventy six more employees than it should be given its size.  It just might be time to have them back in studio for an interview.  And, yes, we’ve linked to it all.

Livingston:  Will she respond to Tambouris?

Livingston: Will she respond to Tambouris?

Quick note to close this morning’s news.  The Manchester Board of School Committee will meet tonight.  We’re hearing rumblings that Superintendent Debra Livingston just might have something to say about our interview with Second Grade Teacher Kelley Tambouris and the article posted to our blog which has now been viewed nearly twenty one thousand times.  We’ll be there in case she responds.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next.
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