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Hagan:  Won't vote for nominee from rigged primary

Hagan: Won’t vote for nominee from rigged primary

Dearest Friends,

Elections are things that we human beings conduct to place people in office.  The “elected” then go on and govern the people over their term of office.   This past Republican Primary election cycle was most disturbing to me because it was “staged” “rigged” and controlled by the Republican Party elites who dumped millions into the election, skewing what should have been a level playing field.  It was corrupt from its very core.

The other candidates could not possibly compete.  I don’t know why we didn’t just have a coronation, frankly.   We ended up with very pro abortion Republican candidates for Governor and US Senate.  That’s what “they” wanted.  They figured we could have a “Republican” elected if the candidates were pro abortion enough to replace those in office, because the voters, who are pro abortion, could then have someone to vote for.

I thought the Republican Party was the “Pro-Life Party”?   I am violently gagging over the millions that Mr. Brown is putting into commercials which tell how much he loves Planned Parenthood.  Mr. Haverstein (sp?) did that before the election.  His wife telling us how pro choice he was.

The Republican “Party” now wants us to all “get behind the chosen candidates” and go for the goal.   I will never vote for any candidate who is pro abortion.  It’s about the BABIES and Women.   It’s a much higher standard and “principle” than any of these arguments you are giving me. It’s about LIFE!   Pro-abortion is  an automatic dis-qualifier for me.   I do not intend to vote for either Mr. Brown or Walt (whatever his name is).  I don’t even know why we are wasting so much energy on this discussion.   It’s a fait accompli!

I would strongly caution my well intentioned pro lifers:  Sometimes you can make real change…. Sometimes you must accept what you can not change, BUT ALWAYS you must be wise enough to know when you need to just be quiet, do nothing evil, and pray, knowing that Almighty God  (who really is in charge here….they just don’t know it) will look down and know you did what you could.

I would never knowingly offend HIM with my silly human thinking or rationalizing, trying to pretend that voting for EVIL was the right thing to do because ……(put whatever sorry ass excuse you want here)  God is much smarter than that.
God Bless you!

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Barbara J. Hagan