Kimberly Morin(Hour 3b) Do you know what the two dirtiest words are in the Democrat Party dictionary?  KOCH BROTHERS!

How come?  You’d think Dems would appreciate all of the good things the Koch Brothers do without government mandates.  Not to mention all of the union folks they employ.

Do you know what the two dirtiest words are in the NH Democrat Party dictionary?  BILL O’BRIEN!

How come?  You’d think NH Dems would want to send Bill a thank you note for helping to bail the state out of that $900 MILLION hole NH Dems dug when they controlled Concord.

Kimberly Morin, columnist for, is not a fan of Democrats and she isn’t afraid to say why.

Morin had much to say about NH Democrats on the economy, campaign misrepresentations, funding of “the despicable” Planned Parenthood and Governor Maggie Hassan’s “dead in the water” economy.  Are Hassan and the Democrats deliberately blowing up the budget to get to a state income tax?

Maggie Hassan’s Medicaid Expansion Malpractice

Morin also called out NH Congresswomen Annie Kuster and Carol-Shea Porter in two colorful columns.