Earl Metzler(Hour 2a) Another day, another smattering of news out of the Timberlane Regional School District.

From outrageous accusations to bogus police investigations, we’ve heard just about everything you can imagine from Superintendent Metzler and Lt. William Baldwin of the Plaistow Police Department.

Harriet Cady called in to comment on the situation at Timberlane and in Manchester.

From Donna Green after this morning’s show to clarify some of what we discussed in the archive below:

Hi Rich,

Caught Harriet on your show today but just got to listen to the earlier part.  Wanted you to know:
Green:  Restricting debate enables desired outcome

Green:  Making sure we’ve got it right. 

1)  The large increase is in the SAU 55 budget.  The bottomline request for the Timberlane School District budget has not yet been revealed. The Budcom did ask for level funding.  We have already been told there is this $500k electrical project and retirement increases up $500k – so good luck with that request, as you said.

2) In 2013 Jorge Mesa-Tejada from Hampstead and I put a warrant article in both the school districts warrants to separate the SAU 55 budget from the individual school district budgets.  This had never happened before in our districts but there is a legal provision to permit this.  With this stripping out of the SAU budget, voters were able to reject the proposed SAU budget, which they did by a wide margin.

In 2014 someone else put a warrant to put the SAU budget back INTO the school district budgets.  The wording was quite legalistic and frankly my energy was on reducing the budget so I didn’t fight very hard against it.  It passed in all the towns except Sandown.  This means we are back to where we had always been – not able to change the SAU budget or even vote default.
Thanks for all, as always,
(SAU 55 includes Timberlane and Hampstead school districts)

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