Sid Glassner(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner would like to see more discussion by the candidates on education issues.  His scorecard so far for this election season is a big fat goose-egg!

Glassner criticized an ad by Congresswoman Annie Kuster accusing her opponent, Marilinda Garcia, of being a radical for wanting to get rid of the US Department of Education.

Doing away with the US DOE sounds like a terrific idea to Sid, who assigns that government monstrosity a failing grade.

Glassner addressed the stupid government mandates and laws that are muddying up our public education system.  Dave from Hooksett called in with his election day voting strategy.

(Hour 3c) Glassner assessed the letter by Manchester teacher Kelley Tambouris slamming the MAS (Common Core).

Tambouris: “Its Time To Say No More!”

Sid shared his shock and awe at one astounding revelation: emails from Dr. Bob Greenleaf to MHT teachers dictating procedures.  Central planners are now running the Manchester School District.

Glassner explained why such a process is “going backwards” and criticized MHT teachers and administrators for “being compliant” instead of standing up for students.

Sid cited China as an example of a country that used to conform to such a compliance and authoritarian system.  A system they’ve abandoned.

“They didn’t get anywhere.  Now they’re moving forward and we’re going backwards.”