Judicial watch was in NH on Election Day and they pretty much saw what the State does to ensure Democrats win elections in an otherwise Red State.




(Sorry for the link to Breitbart, which usually shuts down my computer.)

The “loophole” of letting anyone, well not just anyone, but thousands, cast an irretrievable without any form of ID doesn’t really pass the smell test – unless you need fraud to win.

Here is the loophole:

The SoS and NH AG don’t investigate or prosecute voter fraud and any document that might help a citizen prove voter fraud is either non-public (secret) or altered, or claimed to be a mistake by the powers that be.

And NH has activist judges who invent new categories of voters like this:

A student in NH paying out of state tuition, holding an out of state driver’s license, having a legal domicile I another state, and registered to vote in another state, can claim NH just for the purpose of voting – Democrat.

That is a recent ruling by a shopped-for Superior Court Judge who was shipped in from – the NH AG’s Office.

So in an effort to explain this new concept, I offer this loophole:

You can have a “Jury Duty Domicile” in another state because there is no law against it in NH.

I am going to use my parent’s retirement community address in Pennsylvania for “Jury Duty Purposes” only from now on. This is akin to Philadelphia lawyer Jared Steven Cram using his parent’s house in Wilton to vote (Well, they moved but he is still on the Wiltonchecklist,) election after election.

There is a loophole for ya!

I can’t vote in Pa. because Pa. has loophole-less laws against that or there might be at least ONE non-Obama vote is some Philadelphia Black Panther Wards – but I should be able to at least be on the Philadelphia jury duty list instead of Hillsborough County, NH.

Here is how the “Jury Duty Domicile” works:

When you get called, just show your out of state driver’s license. Jared Steven Cram uses a Pa. license to vote in NH – I use a NH license to get out of jury duty in Pa.

Now that makes sense – to the NH AG and Secretary of State.

~Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers