Super Earl strikes again!

Super Earl strikes again!

(Hour 2a, 3b)

(Hour 2a) Has anyone seen WMUR-TV’s James Pindell?  He’s been MIA on MUR since his Candy Crowley moment in the debate between Scott Brown and Jeanne Shaheen, when he almost literally stole the show.

Speaking of stealing the show, the folks running the Timberlane Regional School District are in the spotlight again.

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(Hour 3b) Rich described the “incestuous” circles of government at Timberlane and the kangaroo court that rubber stamps it all.

All at the expense of the taxpayers.

Are those taxpayers starting to pay attention to the questions being raised by public servants trying to bring the corruption there to light?

We publish the following information received from Donna Green following yesterday’s broadcast:

The district is arguing that the RFP said the bids would be opened at at 3 pm on Nov 5.  The RFP said the bids were due by 3 pm Nov 5 and would then be opened and read.  I don’t think that necessarily means they were to be opened immediately especially given the subsequent public notice that went out.