Mayor Ted Gatsas(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) We were talking schools with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas this morning.

His honor had much to say about Hooksett tuition contract negotiations.

Have we reached the “tipping point?”

(Hour 3b) Gatsas called out NH DOE Commissioner Virginia Barry for her “flip-flop” on waivers from smarter balanced assessment tests.

Also, employees of the City of Manchester who don’t actually live in the City of Manchester and the Mayor’s take on an unusually combative Superintendent and even more combative School Board.

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(Hour 3c) Gatsas commented on strategic planning, the need for more parental involvement in schools, tomorrow’s Turkey Bowl and the trouble with the Aspen: an online tool for parents from the Manchester School District.

Jon DiPietro called in to comment on the underutilized “phenomenal” online parent portal and Michelle from Manchester called in to describe her frustrated attempts to sign up for Aspen.