Mayor Ted Gatsas 1(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) In the spirit of Christmas, we saluted the good deeds of good people in our community who act when neighbors are in need.

Mayor Ted Gatsas joined us.  He shared what it was like growing up on a pig farm and discussed “what could have been,” with a few notable businesses that set up shop outside of Manchester.

(Hour 3b) Gatsas addressed student safety in the Manchester School District, “something we’re all concerned about.”

Also, “miscommunications” with the NH DOE on smarter balanced testing waivers.  Has the City heard back from Commissioner Virginia Barry yet?

(Hour 3c) Christopher Duffley called in to wish us a Merry Christmas.

Mayor Gatsas discussed more City business and more of the great things happening in the City of Manchester and the Manchester School District.