The magic switch

The magic switch

The Information Technology Department of the Goffstown School District played an instrumental role in testing an advanced new networking device that was announced yesterday by NETGEAR®, Inc., a global manufacturer of networking equipment.  The device that the district beta tested during its development phase over the past several months is a new all-in-one business-class chassis switch called the ProSAFE M6100. The M6100 is a modular core-networking switch designed to provide high throughput and enhanced capabilities for improved network performance in businesses and education environments.  Prior to installing the Netgear switch the district had several redundant pieces of equipment maintaining multiple computer networks.  The M6100 allowed the consolidation of these networks onto a single hardware set, while maintaining previous levels of security and traffic isolation.

Goffstown was one of 12 beta sites worldwide, one of only three in the United States, and was the only K-12 school district selected for the program.  At the end of the test period the district was able to keep the equipment free of charge.  The core switch is now the central device at the core of the district’s production network.  Participating in this program saved local taxpayers many thousands of dollars in equipment and implementation costs.

There was a lot of techie gobbledygook in the press release, so we’ve uploaded it with this news read at Girard at Large dot com for those of you with pocket protectors, um I mean general interest in the technological advancement.

Hooksett club in search of "of the Year" nominees

Hooksett club in search of “of the Year” nominees

The Hooksett Kiwanis Club is looking for what we’ll call “of the year nominations.”  The group typically recognizes various members of the community at its annual meeting in April.  So, if you know of a Hooksett based business, small or large, a business leader, educator, municipal employee, adult or youth volunteer you believe deserves recognition, come download the form from this news read at Girard at Large dot com where you can get all of the details on who and what to nominate.  The submission deadline is fast approaching, however, so don’t delay!

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Gelinas:  Wins the Lottery...sort of

Gelinas: Wins the Lottery…sort of

Looks like former Manchester School Board Vice-Chairman David Gelinas has won the lottery!  Well, he’s won a seat on the state’s Lottery Commission, so that’s kinda like winning the lottery, isn’t it?  Gelinas was nominated by Governess Margaret Wood Hassan in early December and approved by the Executive Council later in the month.  He’s already attended his first meeting and started to shake things up.  In an interview with Girard at Large, Gelinas revealed that if you want to win the pick three pick four game, you just need to play the numbers of the state’s three and four digit license plate numbers.  (Just kidding.  That was a joke for those of you in Suncook.)

Candia Cops:  Crime Wave Update

Candia Cops: Crime Wave Update

A Crime Wave continues to crush little Candia, a community just to the east of the big bad city.  According to police statistics released earlier this week, the Candia Police Department issued two hundred twelve motor vehicle warnings and one motor vehicle summons from December twelfth to January eighth.  They also arrested four people on charges of drug possession, D W I and Reckless Operation and Speed, and Driving after Suspension and speed.  As the community combats this withering crime, we can only hope it survives.

Alderman Ed Osborne

Alderman Ed Osborne

Finally this morning, a story I don’t want to do, but have to.  Manchester Ward Five Alderman Ed Osborne succumbed to liver cancer yesterday.  He was seventy five.  Osborne had served the ward continuously since being elected in two thousand and one.  He’d  served two terms prior to that in the nineteen eighties.  Devastated by the loss of his forty eight year old daughter Karen Osborne Dube to breast cancer in late August, doctors believed the health issues he was experiencing were caused by severe emotional distress.  Osborne, who had lost more than fifty pounds and was having difficulty eating, was admitted to the Elliot Hospital last week after a doctor’s appointment.  Clearly, an aggressive form of cancer was what was ailing him.

City mourns loss

City mourns loss

Osborne was one of those colorful figures that made local politics fun and interesting.  He was a genuine man with a sincere concern for the city and the ward he valiantly represented.  Ward Five, which is the heart of the center city, has some tough neighborhoods and challenging issues, but Osborne was up to the task.  There’s nothing he loved more than helping the people of his ward, except, of course, his wife of fifty three years, Joy, who, still grieving the loss of their daughter, told me when I paid a visit to the hospital on Tuesday, she didn’t know what she was going to do without him.  Fittingly, the window to Ed’s hospital room overlooked the ward in which he spent most of his life.  We’ve written and linked to a more comprehensive story about the life and times of Ed Osborne and encourage you to read it in the hope that you’ll come to understand that Manchester hasn’t just lost and alderman, it’s lost a son.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next.

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