To the Editor:

Cady:  Unions have overstepped their bounds

Cady: Unions have overstepped their bounds

The teachers admitted at the Deerfield School District Deliberative session that the NEA had worked to develop Common Core.  When Unions were formed it was to give workers a fair wage and a clean, safe working environment.

We now have a Union that believes they have the right to decide how our children should be educated included in the program are ways to gain information on the private lives of their families.

When citizens petition their government and those unionized teachers change the petitioned article from its original intent then I say it is time to limit what Unions may do.

I am extremely tired of someone else telling me what I can afford to give to the schools, what I have to allow them to do with my children and most recently what they can be fed so I pay for 3/4’s of the food to go to garbage as our principal recently told the budget committee.

It’s time for Parents to take back the schools and make sure they exist for that which Horace Mann and others stated.  To allow the education so they may become working useful citizens of our society.

I ask for a legislator to introduce a bill limiting what Unions may organize for and do since they now have lobbyist elected in the legislator serving on committees to make laws I also ask that the legislative ethics committee make a rule that if they receive a pension form the state, municipal or federal government they must abstain from any vote taken to make law.

When a Union tries to take over a child’s teachings then it is the responsibility of society to say enough, parents will be held responsible for the child’s actions and have the right to say how their education may influence those actions.

Harriet E. Cady

P.O. Box 149

Deerfield, N.H. 03037