The Amoskeag Millyard:  Smow removal operations commence

The Amoskeag Millyard: Smow removal operations commence

The city of Manchester was busy removing snow from the downtown last night, so if you’re one of the many who seems to ignore those orange no-parking signs in the downtown and you’re wondering where your cars is, check the city’s Vehicle Impoundment Area at Derryfield Park, the parking lot along Mammoth Road across from the fire station, and bring one hundred and ten bucks to get it out if it’s there.  Snow Removal Operations began on Commercial Street and surrounding side streets in the Amoskeag Millyard at ten last night and are expected to be done by six this morning.  In addition to Commercial Street, officials said other downtown streets would be cleaned up, but didn’t specify which ones.  We can tell you that around four fifteen this morning, it looked like they’d cleaned out Kosciuszko Street and Bridge Street between Chestnut and Elm streets.  Hopefully, they got to some other side streets off Elm as well.

Gossler Park:  In the clear

Gossler Park: In the clear

A structural engineer completed an assessment of Gossler-Park Elementary School.  The school was evacuated last week after cracks were found in several walls.  The engineer concluded that none of the wall cracks were the result of snow on the roof, but rather appear to be cracks associated with the building’s settling, which is normal.  Several of them have been repaired before only to reappear from time to time.  There is no indication of structural distress related to the snow.

Guinta:  Will fight Net Neutrality regulations

Guinta: Will fight Net Neutrality regulations

First District Congressman Frank Guinta, Republican from Manchester released a statement following yesterday’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission to declare the Internet a public utility and enact three hundred and twenty two pages of previously undisclosed rules to regulate it.  Said Guinta, quote, In the Granite State, our motto is ‘live free or die.’  Today’s decision by a body of unelected bureaucrats threatens our freedom and jeopardizes American innovation, economic growth and jobs.  I will fight to keep our Internet open and accessible for all.”

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Boyd:  Meeting with Kinder Morgan announced

Boyd: Meeting with Kinder Morgan announced

The Merrimack Town Council announced yesterday that Kinder Morgan, the company that want build a natural gas pipeline through town, has finally agreed to a public meeting on the project.  It will be held on the evening of Thursday, March 26th from eight to ten at the James Mastricola School.  Kinder Morgan had originally wanted to meet with councilors in non-public session.  That didn’t fly with council, which wanted any and all meetings regarding the pipeline to be done in public.  In an interview with Girard at Large, Town Councilor Bill Boyd said that while it is unlikely the council could do anything to stop the pipeline from being built, it wanted to ensure that property owners that could be impacted by its construction had every opportunity for input and that the council would do whatever it could to make information about the project public.  We’ve linked to the interview with Boyd for your convenience.

Green:  Smeared by "Support Timberlane" social media

Green: Smeared by “Support Timberlane” social media

Seems that the Support Timberlane social media apparatus on Facebook has become an “attack the Greens medium,” especially School Board Member Donna Green who is seeking reelection.  In the past two weeks, there have been no fewer than nine posts either attacking Green or promoting one of her opponents in the race.  What’s curious about this, among other things, is one of the attacks accusing Green of costing the district thousands in legal fees and untold sums for the work necessary to respond to Right to Know requests.  What it doesn’t say, of course, is what the legal fees were for nor that the district was forced to comply with the right to know law and fails to recognize that, had the district not withheld information in the first place, which it charged elected officials to obtain, there wouldn’t have been an issue.  So, again, we’re faced with the question of whether or not taxpayer funded individuals are using this and other medium to electioneer, which is against the law.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next.