20150313_082856(Hour 3b&c) State Rep. Will Infantine (R-Manchester Ward 6) fills us in on classless violations of House rules and how one state rep. in particular refused to follow the guidelines.

Infantine also discussed the “polite death” of HB-646, the bill opposed by Right to Know advocates because it would allow government to charge citizens an estimated labor cost of complying with a Right to Know request.  Infantine basically said, nice try, but the bill violated the principles of transparent government”




(hour 3c) Will tells us that the cost of a marriage license could be going up.  Find out about the four bills for minimum wage and the two on right-to-work that were on the table.   State Rep. Al Baldasaro (R-Londonderry)  called to complain about Speaker Shawn Jasper’s handling of floor debate.